Thursday, November 06, 2008

Peavy and Dempster Rumors!

There is a whole lot of rumors floating around today so lets get caught up!

- Rosenthal reports that the Cubs are willing to give Dempster a 4 year deal EVEN IF they land Jake Peavy! That is some great news! It gives the Cubs a really good chance of landing Dempster now. Also according to Ken the Cubs can in fact absorb the 4 years and 63 million of Peavy's contract while committing at least 50 million for 4 years for Dempster with the Cubs up for sale. So much for this being a dull off season.

- Rosenthal did say that there would be a ripple effect on the Cubs roster is they were to resign Dempster and trade for Peavy. Here is what he suggest-

* The Cubs would not be able to sign Wood. ( Fine by me!)
* Several player may have to be traded to reduce payroll, including Jason Marquis.( Depending on the players involved I am OK with this)
* They may have to go for a cheaper left-handed hitting outfielder than originally thought.( Jeremy Hermida anyone??)

- Cubs are front runners to land Peavy according to Ken Rosenthal, "perhaps even ahead of the Braves." He also stated that the Cubs want to re-sign Dempster. What a rotation, Peavy, Z, Demp, Lilly and Harden. The Padres also like the Cubs' young pitching even though we do not have the "big named prospects" like Atlanta does.

- Ken also says that the Braves are offering Escobar and either Jo-Jo Reyes or Charlie Morton and a unnamed player. Does not sound too impressive to me. Rosenthal also said the Cubs package is like to be "fluid."

- Chris De Luca says the Cubs are in heavy pursuit of Peavy( he is a day late and a dollar short). But he does say it is because Dempster's high demands, he wants 5 years 70MM. Are you SERIOUS!!!! He is likely to settle for 4 years 5o-60 million with the Cubs in my opinion.

More to come later!!!!


Anonymous said...

I listened to WGN Radio 720 on the way back home from work. During the news sports update, they said Dave Kaplan is reporting that the Cubs are the front runner, which is what you have already heard. But they went on to say that if the Cubs land Peavy, they will NOT be able to resign Demp cause of what is left on Peavy's deal. So contradicts what Ken Ro says, but of course time will tell what really happens.

AJ Burnett opted out of his contract, so there is another name for Demp to compete with on the market or the Cubs to consider.

I'm still surprised by the reported Sabathia interest vs resigning Demp.

A lot of people are saying the Cubs cant do much this off season cause of the pending sale. What I'm wondering is... cant the Cubs run the potential deals by the prospective buyers and get their ok? Cause what if the new owners want to inherit a consistent contender? I know this process would drag out the response time and could allow another team to swoop in or at the very least create more chances for rumors to leak (which is good for us, but knowing how Hendry likes to work as close to the vest as possible, may hurt his strategy).

How come your so comfy with not resigning Wood? Has any word leaked as to what he is asking for thats causing you to balk? And even if we didnt resign him and Marmol and Samardzja both moved up a role, we will still need a power RH RP in front of them on top of the one or two leftys we are already looking for.

Will Lou admit his error if we can some how lure Scotty Ire back? He wasnt exactly lights out for the Phils, but he wasnt bad as he looked the few times Lou remembered he was still on the team. I'm still pissed that Lou didnt give Eyre the same amount of benefit of the doubt as he did with Bob Frickin Howry.

Any rumors or personal opinions on what mid level prospects would land us Hermeda and Olsen?


acw said...

Love the ideas, but I don't see how we could get the Peavy and Hermida deals done. I don't see how we have enough quality prospects to get both deals completed, unless Florida and San Diego are part of a three team trade.

Anonymous said...

why isn't hendry trying to deal for doc halliday? better than peavey!