Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cubs Talk.

UPDATE!-8:52am: Barry Axelrod says that the his client, Jake Peavy, has not given approval for a trade to the Yankees or Angels. He also notes that Jake will require more conditions in order for a deal to be completed with the Yankees. Towers also says that Jake will not accept a trade to Boston and is unlikely to accept a trade to the Brewers.

- Here is some updated information on Jake Peavy to kick off the Cubs Talk. Jake Peavy has now said that he would approve trades to both the Angels and Yankees. This makes it a bit more tougher to land Peavy if your the Cubs. The Angels and Yanks both have better prospects than the Cubs and they have interest in trading their good young players for Peavy. This could also be a ploy to get more market value for Peavy. The last we heard the Braves did not want to give up their main young guys, Dodgers did not want to pay the Padres ransom, and that just left the Cubs. With adding the Yankees and Angels to the mix, this could make teams like the Dodgers cough up a guy like Kershaw.

- Towers suggested that he wants deal comparable to the Teixeira trade or the Dan Haren trade. Which proves more that he want quality over quantity. CBS's Scott Miller says that Pie, Cedeno, and Rich Hill have been discussed.(Where do I sign?!?!)

- Dave van Dyck of the Chicago Tribune stats that there is an unconfirmed rumor going around that the Cubs offered Ronny Cedeno, Felx Pie, and others to the Padres. The others would have to be guys like Sean Marshall, Castillio, and maybe Veal???

- According to the Tribune, Ryan Dempster still prefers to stay with the Cubs.


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