Wednesday, November 05, 2008

More Rumors for today!

Update- Ken Rosenthal say the Cubs are willing to offer Dempster a four year contract. This does help the Cubs chances of having Dempster back in Chicago. Dempster agent did say today "there's very little possibility he's to sign soon with the Cubs."

- According to Bill Shaikin and Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times Rafael Furcal is expected to hit the free agent market. Paul Kinzer, Furcal's agent, met with Ned Colletti about a contract for Rafael but the two did not see eye to eye. The Cubs have had a lot of interest in Furcal and almost signed him 3 years ago before the Dodgers swooped in and nabbed him. Furcal wants to be with the Dodgers but maybe "forced" to hit the market. He is looking close to a 4 year deal and the Cubs, Giants and Jays all want him.

- The Phillies have interest in Mark Derosa to take over Pat Burrell job if Burrell does not re-sign. This is the first rumors we have heard circling around Mark.

- According to ESPN1000, Bruce Levine is reporting that the Cubs are talking to the Marlins about a trade that would send Scott Olsen and Jeremy Hermida to Chicago. The Cubs have had great interest in Hermida but this is the first we have heard of Olsen. It is speculated Olsen then would be used as trade bait for a potential Jake Peavy deal to the northside. It is rumored that Hermida would just cost 2 midlevel prospects and Olsen about the same. I am all for this deal! I am a huge Jeremy Hermida fan and if they want to include Olsen and then trade him for Peavy, even better! More to come on this developing story.


Nate S. said...

I would be all for this! I love Hermida. Make this deal! Right Now!

Unknown said...

I think Heilman had decent numbers as a set up guy. Its when he was force into the CL role when Wagner went down and prior to Ayala being traded for that he got blown up. But he better be on the cheap if we trade for him. We need to save our kids to deal for Peavy or Roberts.

Ibanez is not much of an upgrade over Fuku. You guys' love for Dunn is starting to rub off on me and I would take him over Ibanez.

Finally some Furcal news. Hit the FA market Furcal! We'll pay!

The DeRo rumor is interesting, but what we get in return?

Olsen is a Cub fan I believe... Illinois kid. But he had some clubhouse issues with a teammate or two. But if he lands us Peavy, lets do it. Where would Hermida play? RF? Hows his glove?

Nick I Cub Fan said...

ACW Marmol is your stopper Samardzija pitches the 8th. Gaudin,
Marshall, Cotts, Wuertz, and Ceda
are your relief pitchers. I don't like Hernidia either Fukudome did better than him last year. I do think Furcal should be top priority
then Theriot and Fontenot can platoon at 2nd. Derosa can play rightfield. I'm not saying Dempster
and Wood are bad. I'm saying Sabasthia and Furcal are much better for the money and we would get extra draft picks.