Sunday, November 02, 2008

Cubs Not Wanting Abreu? Cubs frontrunner to land Tazawa?

- According to, the Cubs will not pursue Bobby Abreu. According to his sources the Cubs are very big on making improvements on the Draft and will look elsewhere for help in the outfield. Lou has already stated that they are looking for a left-handed hitting RF through a trade rather than free agency. Eli continues to say that Milton Bradley is a target for the Cubs and has been for many years. Bradley is a Type B free agent so it would not cost two draft picks like Abreu would. This does make some since to me but I still think Abreu should be on the radar. He is a consistent lefty bat that could bolster this Cubs offense. Although I do think Bradley would be a nice fit, he is 4 years younger and would sign much cheaper than Bobby, here is his stats-

I still think Giles, Hermida, and Dunn should be at the top of the list of candidates for RF next season.

- The Mariners, Red Sox, Cubs, and Phillies are the front runners to land 22 year old Japanese Phenom Tazawa. He could cost a bit but would be a good addition to any team. It should be noted he is expected to start off in the minors to develop more of his pitches. So it would be like signing a draft pick.

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