Friday, October 31, 2008

Some Cubs Transactions and Rumors.

- The Cubs declined Henry Blanco's option of $3MM. But the Cubs are expected to re-sign Hank White to a extension at a lower salary.

- 4 Cubs have declared free agency including Ryan Dempster. Even though both Demp and Hendry are expected to meet soon and discuss a new deal. Both sides expect to him to stay in Chicago.

- Finally, the main stream sports media is talking about the Cubs possibly acquiring Peavy! According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports the Padres plan on discussing trade possibilities with the Dodgers and Cubs. According to Rosenthal, the Cubs do not have the "young pitching" the Padres crave( so I guess guys like Rich Hill, Sean Marshall, Kevin Hart, Angel Guzman, Jose Ceda, etc do not count for young pitching?!?! I guess you have to be on the "west coast" or "east coast" to have good young prospects. Never mind that 4 of the 5 guys I mentioned have ML experience with success! GEZZZZ!). With the Padres wanting guys like Kershaw and McDonald( which the Dodgers will not give up) I am wondering if maybe the Cubs are the only match for the Padres?

- It seems the Cubs are really interested in both Brian Giles and Jeremy Hermida to play RF for them next season. The Padres still have to make a decision on whether to exercise Giles 9 million dollar option or buy him out for 3 million. They are expected to exercise his option and use him as trade bait to land some more young talent. I would love to get both Giles and Peavy in the same trade!!! The Cubs also love Hermida and his huge left handed bat. It is rumored that Hermida would just cost a couple of mid level prospects, which would be a steal! Hendry has worked well with both Flordia and San Diego, so the chances of the Cubs landing one of these guys is pretty good!


Joe said...

I think you are overvaluing the young Ps in our system. So far out of the group Marshall has the best potential and has shown at the MLB level that he can at least be a 3 or 4 SP. After the nightmare season R Hill has had its very easy to see why he is unappealing. Hart looked great in 07 but nothing in 08 to make the Padres jump out of their seat to do a deal. Ceda has the stuff, but you are banking on his potential.

That being said... if the Dodgers are the main competition... like you said I dont see them dealing Kershaw. If anything they should just re sign Lowe instead of dealing away talent that is close to being ready. They have shown a willingness to splash cash with Pierre, Furcal, and A Jones. Especially if they miss out on Manny and Furcal, they will have money to spend on SP options elsewhere. Lets not forget CC's preferred destination is West Coast, from which he hails and wants to be in the NL so he can hit. You guys already know my stance. If you are a big market team, always spend the cash before the young talent. Money is easier to replace than young talent.

On a side note... something I have been wondering for fun the last couple days. Now that 60 yr old Jamie Moyer has a WS ring... do you think he'll finally retire? Not that I'm trying to force him out, but he's pretty much accomplished more than anyone probably would have thought from the crafty lefty.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Be careful what we wish for, to get Peavy and Giles we would have to give up Samsrdzija or Marmol. Not a Hart or a Wuertz. You have to trade quality for quality. But by taking on both Peavy and Giles salaries we could probably dump Fukudome on them and they still save about 10 million.