Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Rumors

Here is the latest from the Hot Stove today-

- Jake Peavy would waive his no trade clause to become a Chicago Cub according to Phil Rogers. He does not see us meeting up well in a trade but I disagree and feel we have the MI depth, prospect CF, and young surplus of pitching to land Peavy. Rogers also says he would not be surprised if Hendry tries to put a package to get Adrian Gonzalez. This would include Derrek Lee but to me it would have to include another team with the Padres trying to cut payroll. To get Adrian Gonzalez would be ideal but unlikely. He is only 26 years old, he hit .279 with 36 homers and 119 RBI last season. He also posted a .361 OBP and .510 slugging. That is great for a guy that plays half his games at Petco. Not to mention he is under team control for a while. Ideal but unlikely.

- Rogers also says the only way Manny becomes a Cub is if Soriano is traded. That is logical.

- The Cubs may be interested in Mark Mulder as a "project pitcher" for them next season. Hendry likes low risk high reward guys. Reed Johnson, Ryan Dempster, and Jim Edmonds have been good contributors to this team and were considered those guys. Players that have not been so lucky are Scott Williamson and Chad Fox to name a few. I am all for signing Mulder to a one year 1 million dollar deal with IP, ERA, and start incentives. Mulder's last productive season was in 2005 when he went 16-8 with a 3.64 ERA. If the Rothchild can get him back to that guy it would be something!

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