Sunday, October 26, 2008

Soriano, Hermida, Ibanez, and Figgins....

Here is some more info from Gordon Wittenmyer and David Kaplan-

- David Kaplan has said the Cubs have actually called teams around the league to see if they are interested in Alfonso Soriano. Kap thinks that it would be near impossiable to move Sori because of his contract. Though he did mention it would be possible to swap him for another bad contract like Jones, Pierre, or Schmidt. I might consider Jones or Schmidt because Jones is in the last year of his contract along with Schmidt. But neither one is as valuable as Soriano is to this team.

- Four teams have inquired about Jermey Hermida and according to Kaplan the Cubs are one of the four. Hermida could be used full time in the outfield or as a platoon player( with maybe Derosa). Hermida home and away splits are crazy-

Away- .288/.364/.487/.851 with 13 home runs and 13 doubles
Home- .203/.273/.312/.584 with 4 home runs and 9 doubles
At Wrigley- 9-for-27 with 2 doubles and 4 home runs (.333/.357/.852/1.209)

Another good thing about Hermida is he is under team control for a while and very cheap. Not to mention according to Kaplan he would only cost 1 or 2 minor leaguers.

-Wittenmyer says that Sweet Lou really likes Chone Figgins and Ibanez. I think the Cubs should call the Angels if they lose out on the Texiera race and offer Lee for Figgins and a young starting pitcher and see how that goes. He could then sign Ibanez to play RF or 1st base or let Hoffpauier play first and get a different outfielder. Either way the Cubs should push hard for Figgins!


Anonymous said...

That Trib headline bout Peavy pissed me off once I opened the link. But I guess it did its job... got me to keep reading. But it wasnt any new info that hasnt been discussed on here already. I agree that the A Gonz part is highly unlikely. Why would the Pads want to let him go? The Lee to SF for Cain deal is more realistic.

I'm a little surprised that Lou likes Ibanez. Not exactly the type of upgrade I was hoping for and more importantly a waste of traded talent we would be sending to SEA, however minimal the names may be, when I feel we can find offensive options out in the FA market, even if its not necessarily plugged into the RF spot.

Figgins would be great... but as I said before... I dont see it unless the Angels find someone to take over 3B. Crede is the only name off the top of my head that I can think of, but he is an injury risk. Did Torii Hunter play well last season? Maybe we can swap big contracts, Sori for Torii. They still have a log jam in the OF, especially CF. Or maybe even Sori for Sarge Jr. if we have a separate big bat added (ie Manny, Texiera, etc).

I agree... to deal Sori it needs to be big contract for big contract... but no way will I take back A Jones or Pierre. Schmidt only if its straight up, cause I dont see him being himself, if he can even stay healthy.

I still say go hard for Furcal. The other positions/changes depend on who is available and what we do.

I like the Mulder idea. Plus maybe he'll be like Edmonds and torch the Cards. I also say we look at Sheets if he can sign a one year deal to prove his health. But forget bleepin Prior.


Anonymous said...

agree on the lee for figgins and prospect

Anonymous said...

agree on the lee for figgins and prospect

Anonymous said...

I actually think Hermida's Home vs Away splits are opposite of what you posted. He was ridiculously good on the road this past season. I think we should make a play for him if he is not too expensive.

I would be more inclined to save the prospects for that "proposed" Peavy/Gonzalez blockbuster. Rogers is talkin out of his a**, but it is a great idea. I used to think that our farm had little value around the league, but looking back at the Harden trade, why couldn't this happen. We gave up complete garbage outside of Gallagher to land Harden. It is obvious our system gets higher marks from within other organizations. Plus, we also have an outstanding trade relationship with Towers in San Diego.
For that trade to work out we would have to clear the farm. It would take Marshall, Ceda, Cedeno, and Colvin to start. Take some other prospects I don't even know about. We would also put Lee in the deal. I would eat 80% of Lee's contract to make that deal happen. Gonzalez is a 26 year old stud lefty, power and loads of RBI's, he is also no slouch w/ the glove. He would be incredibly productive in Wrigley. I would also take on Khalil Greene.
If Jim can make this deal happen, he should win Executive of the Century. This deal would allow us to not overpay for Bradley, Dunn, or Ibanez. It also would mean no more leverage for Dempster. We could sign him for 12 mill a year I would do it.
Rotation of: Zambrano, Harden, Lily, Peavy, Dempster in no particluar order(unbelievable).

Line-up of:
Theriot R
Fontenot L
Soriano R
Gonzalez L
Ramirez R
Soto R
DeRosa R
Pie L (hopefully he wins center outright next spring)
Solid bench of Greene, Johnson, Fuku, Hoffy.
This is an outrageously good line-up. (only dreamin')

Anonymous said...

I dont see the Cubs eating 80% of Lee's deal and I dont see A Gonz being included with Lee being sent the other way. If a vet goes the other way, it'll be Fuku if anybody cause the Pads actually wanted him before he signed with the Cubs. I know Hendry likes Greene, but I dont see a use for him unless it helps us keep/"save" from sending one more prospect or two.

But like Sori, I can live with Lee as long as he is out of the three hole.

But I do hope for the Peavy push. Sully in the Trib today has a FA targets article up today and said Peavy had an elbow strain this past season, so injury might be a slight concern.