Friday, November 07, 2008

Lots More on Good Ole Jake

A waterfall of Jake Peavy rumors today-

- According to Yahoo's Jeff Passan, the Cubs have moved in front of the Braves for Jake Peavy. The Padres want Jeff Samardzija, but he has a no trade clause. The Cubs could include other players like Felix Pie, Sean Marshall, Ronny Cedeno, Kevin Hart, and Donald Veal.

- Chris De Luca of the Sun-Times suggested that Rich Harden( No Harden trade) or Mike Fontenot could be involved with a trade for Peavy. He also says a trade for Peavy means the Cubs will not get Roberts.(Who cares, asking price is too high).

- Buster Olney of ESPN says Josh Vitter would have to be involved to get a deal done. I disagree with Buster as usual.

- Bruce Miles of the Daily Herald thinks Jose Ceda, Welington Castillo, and Mitch Atkins as potential players in a trade for Jake. Now I would agree with that.

- The Padres would actually prefer to deal with the Braves but they want Tommy Hanson, and he is untouchable.

- Jake is also reluctant to go to the Braves in a deal that included Yunel Escobar because he feels it would weaken the team chances to make the playoffs. Jake want to be on a contending team.

- Kevin Towers says they expect Jake to be traded before the Winter Meetings which start Dec. 8th.

- Bruce Miles adds today that Samardzija is not on the table and that Mike Fontenot has not been discussed. So basically he is writing off the Yahoo and Sun-Times rumors. He thinks there is a 50/50 chance the Cubs land Jake Peavy.(Well duh, it is basically between the Cubs and Braves)

- Sources say Jake Peavy will be traded at the latest two weeks. Lets hope it is to the Cubs!


-In non-Peavy news, the Cubs are one of 6 teams that are interested in trading for Brian Giles. The Padres picked up his option today and maybe looking to trade him for some young talent. He does have a no trade clause but could waive it to come to the Cubs. I wonder if the Cubs could pull off a deal that would send both Giles and Peavy to Chicago??

-Jim Hendry informed Fukudome that they are looking to acquire a left-handed bat this off season and that they plan on platooning him and Reed Johnson in CF next season.

- Chris De Luca's sources say there is zero chance Bud Selig and the owners lets Mark Cuban buy the Cubs. DAMN IT!

- The Mets are the favorite to land Raul Ibanez. I HOPE THEY DO!


Nick I Cub Fan said...

If Zell was smart he would increase
the Cubs payroll to 200 million then only Cuban could affored them.

Anonymous said...

the tribune just reported that Cuban is still in the bidding process. Cuban said the report is ridiculous! lol

Joe said...

Some interesting names coming up in return for Peavy. I would be willing to deal anyone except Samardzja. Veal is suppose to look good and I believe Vitters is a top hitting prospect. But depending on the combo of names no more than four kids should be sent the other way. Otherwise its too much a la B Roberts.

I would put Giles in the same category as Ibanez... not much of an upgrade over Fuku. I guess the more I think about it I would want Abreu or Dunn (thanks to you guys). But I guess with an Ibanez or Giles we can also sneak DeRo out in RF once in a while to mix things up and get Fonty in the line up.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

MINOR LEAGUE FREE AGENTS Cubs lost Kroeger,Torres,Dubois,Deeds,Blanco
,Petrick,Harben,Carrasco,Burns and Pignatillo. Here are some other free agents that look good to me.
Mcanlty from SD avg 343 obp 440 left handed OF. Ciofrone avg 314, HR 18 OBP 389 he plays 3B-OF. Det. has Guzman switch hitting CF 56 SB'S. Tino Perez a lefty avg. 302 13 HR'S 19 SB'S. TB'S Andrade ERA 1.18 45.2 innings 56 SO'S Ariz. Fruto 89 inning's 102 SO'S. There are others but these stuck out.