Saturday, April 17, 2010

Soriano Will Not Be Sent Packing...

ESPN's Rob Neyer wrote yesterday and David Kaplan on 1460 KXNO both stated on Thursday that there is a 50/50 chance Alfonso Soriano is released before the end of his contract in 2014. David Kaplan went a little further and said he would not be surprised if Soriano is released this Season, because they have Fukudome and Colvin who are producing with the bat.

But according to Hendry, he said that there "Never has been a thought to it" and blames the media for the rumor. Jim Hendry will not make a mistake twice in the same season. Late last year and early this year Jim Hendry made it known he "needed" to trade Milton Bradley. There is no way he is going to say, "yes we actually considered releasing Soriano because we cannot trade him." How silly and dumb would that be for Hendry say. While I believe that Neyer could be onto something about releasing Soriano before his contract ends, I do not believe it will be this year.

Whether you agree or not Cub fans, Soriano does have trade value. According to my sources, and I stated this on Tuesday, the Cubs are looking to move Soriano and they do have suitors. The Tigers, Yankees, and Blue Jays are rumored to have some sort of interest but a three new teams have emerged. The Nationals, Mariners, and Braves have now shown some interest in Sori, it is not know how much of the salary the Cubs would have to pay with these teams or who they would receive in return but the Cubs are looking for bullpen help so that could be the Cubs target.

I will let you know more on this as it becomes available.


Nick I Cub Fan said...

Just a thought Zito's contract runs through 2014, Soriano's contract runs through 2014. Zito makes 94 million Soriano 90 million.

Joe said...

I like Nick I's idea. But it looks like Zito has taken a step towards being more productive again with the last 12 months, so not sure how willing the Giants will be interested in letting Zito go. Yes I am aware he is over paid... not to mention an over paid #3 at best... at this point I would say Zito is more productive than Soriano?

On a side note, I'm surprised the towns folk of Cub nation have not come down to Wrigley with pitch forks and torches raised demanding Castro be called up to replace Theriot. News is that Theriot is being dropped from the lead off spot to 8th and being replaced by Byrd. If he continues to struggle there... he can't be dropped any lower in the order... which means... Castro?

Anonymous said...

After tomorrow, we will be in last place!!

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Cubs pitching is 18th in the majors
take away ZAMBRANO,GRABOW AND SAMARDZIJA stats and their pitching is 4th best.
Cubs fielding is 27th and if you take away ZAMBRANO AND SORIANOS six errors then its 10th best.
Cubs hitting is 19th and almost everyone is to blame. So much for the new hitting coach.
It's time for Castro .380 BA. Also i would try Atkins, Parker or Stevens in the pen. If not trade Theriot for a relif pitcher.