Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cubs made contact with Rowand??

Thanks to MLB RUMORS-

Rowand Taking Over In Center For Dodgers?: Free agent outfielder Aaron Rowand is drawing a lot of interest from teams around the league, and his new contract is expected to be big. Although he is asking for fifteen million, one MLB executive tells me he expects the deal to top 90 million dollars. There are several teams interested in Rowand that could take on that kind of contract. The Dodgers, White Sox, Rangers, Cubs, and Astros have all made contact with Rowand, but it appears the Dodgers have the inside track because of Rowand's connections to Southern California.

The Cubs are probably just keeping there options open, this is curious tho. Hendry said he wants a high OBP OF with power and Rowand is righthanded. Plus Pie slotted to play center next year, they could move him to RF but he is more serviceable in CF. If the Cubs did acquire Rowand that means Pie could be expendable for pitching, a RF, or a shorstop. Pie for Greene has been rumored and that would make sense if the Cubs inked Rowand to a deal. This is all speculation right now, but never less it is interesting.


supercapo said...

Rowand is right handed.

Chris V. said...

Rowand is a righty.

cubsfan82 said...

I ment that lol... I fixed it

Joe said...

During the trade deadline last year I felt that Pie was an untouchable. But with what he has shown so far in majors has been unimpressive offensively. I dont mind hangin onto the kid and giving him more time in either the minors or as a part timer in the majors, but I definitely dont want the Cubs to go into Spring with CF being his job to lose.

If that is the case, I dont mind him being packaged to get a top of the rotation SP or Crawford, who is basically what we want Pie to develop into, so it would be like trading Pie the raw rookie for Pie the future experience major leaguer.

So I dont mind the Cubs trying to bring in a CF and a RF.