Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cubs like Castillo, Matsui and Colon?? Cubs Plan B, Bradley??

Rosenthal mentions that the Cubs are interested in Luis Castillo and Kaz Matsui, both switch hitters, to play second base next year. The Astros and Mets are also in on Castillo, while the Rockies like Kaz, might be say no to his asking price. The Cubs have been rumored to be ready to sign Matsui to a 3 year deal but nothing has formed yet. Castillio is obviously a better choice. He has better power, decent speed, and a really good glove. I pick Luis over Kaz. Here is Luis stats- Gotta love his .368 OBP and .294 lifetime avg.

Cafardo in the Boston Globe names the Cubs as suitors for Bartolo Colon. This is interesting because of his health issues and being obviously over weight. He has only pitched 155 inning in the last 2 years only making 28 starts. If healthy he is an allstar and 17 to 20 game winner, but thats a big IF! If your going to make a run at Colon also make a run at Clement or Livan??

According to MLBRUMORS-

According to sources inside the Cubs, there has been some interest in Milton Bradley, but only if Fukudome is not with the Cubs.

Not a bad 2nd option for the Cubs. He could be a club house cancer but he is a good hitter and fielder. Here is his stats-

I love his OBP and his homers in a big ball park. Good plan B for the Cubs if the cant land Crawford or Drew thru a reasonable trade.


Joe said...

Dangit... looks like Castillo is set to re sign with the Mets pending a physical. Hopefully that means the Cubs will announce the Matsui deal soon.

Anonymous said...

Rich Hill Sucks, hes not gonna be any better than a few games over
.500. They should package him with eric patterson, mike fontenot and a prospect. Rich hill is at a high value and can be packaged with other crappy cubs players to get crawford. Just do it.

Kamel said...

anonymous... I disagree... Rich Hill is on his way up. Even if you disagree... trading him causes a hole in the rotation and there are less SP options out there than OF options... so Hill stays.