Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Talks for Peavy are Still Alive??

Depending on what source or media outlet you listen to might determine your knowledge on the Jake Peavy situation. We have all heard that talks with the Cubs are on and we have also heard they are off. Here is the latest that we have heard from the wire-

-Kevin Towers said, "We're still talking to the Cubs. They may have to redo some things."

- Here are some other quotes from Towers in the San Diego Union-Tribune

"Talks with the Braves have not resumed and that he hasn't heard from the Angels." according to Kevin Towers

"Among some of this ballplayer friends, Padres ace Jake Peavy has created the impression that if he is traded, he would like to pitch for the Cubs." said Towers

Here is what I think on the matter. I think the Cubs are in talks with a third or fourth team to get this deal with Peavy done. Jake has made it known that he basically wants to play for the Cubs and no other team. The Cubs do have issues with payroll but if they could shed a contract like Jason Marquis, Derrek Lee, Soriano, Derosa, Fukudome or Ramirez they could take on the contract Peavy has. I by all means think that players like Ramirez will stay because of the hole it would present at 3b. Soriano is owed a ton of money so it is unlikely he would be traded for any value and the Cubs would have to pay a big portion of his contract. But guys like Lee, Marquis, Fukudome, and Derosa could be interesting players. Derosa has been asked about from at least the Phillies as we have heard, Lee has been linked to the Giants, and Marquis has also been linked to some trades. Fukudome could be used by a lot of teams and have been asked about by at least 3 teams already. Another thing these players have in common is they have people currently on the team that could replace them. Guys like Hoffpauier, Pie, Fontenot, and pretty much anyone for Marquis.

So what I am saying I think there is a blockbuster on the horizon for the Cubs and I think it is involving Derrek Lee getting traded to the Angels or Giants in a three team trade that gets the Cubs Peavy. The Giants currently have a guy named Sanchez that could interest the Padres and the Angels have a whole slew of prospects that would benefit the Padres. Derrek Lee would take over the reigns at 1st base for Giants or Angels especially if the Angels do not land Tex. This would let the Cubs have the money to land Peavy along with adding a good lefthanded bat for RF. I also could see a blockbuster trade involving Fukudome, not sure what team would show interest, but he has drawn some from unknown teams already.

There is just too much here to think the Cubs will not land Peavy.

- Towers likes dealing with Hendry.
- Jake Peavy wants to pitch for the Cubs.
- Both teams have said they want to make a deal happen and will involve 3 or 4 teams to get it done.
- Jake said he will not approve a trade to any AL team and would require the Braves to pick up his 22MM dollar option and provide a no trade clause, which they will not do.

Just too much here! I think a deal WILL get done!


Nick I Cub Fan said...

ACW I hope your right about Wood. I
think he did that last year waited
till the end and signed a 1 year deal for less than he could of gotten. In my opinion the only way i see the Cubs getting Peavy is if the third team in the trade takes Marquis. I also don't see Cubs getting Abreu,Dunn,Ibanez or Bradley. Because if they spent that kind of money on them they would have to pass on Furcal. And thanks to all of you guys i'm liking Teahen a little more now.

2008 313 255 15 66 59
2007 353 285 7 78 60
2006 357 290 18 70 69

His OBP and BA are pretty good if you don't count last year. I like Dejesus of KC a lot more though. And i'm still not counting Fukudome
out i think he's working on hitting
that inside pitch and will be back.
Playing CF.

antonio said...

I hope you're right. Getting Peavy would be great. I also hope the cubs sign Furcal and Dunn. I know the cubs have payroll limitations, but I agree with you that they will make some important moves that will allow them to have more payroll room.