Wednesday, September 07, 2011

We are back... and with News and Rumors...

I finally have internet and here is the latest rumors, news, and notes….

- Tim Wilken is likely to get an extension in the coming weeks from Tom Ricketts. Tom recently extended Oneri Fleita 4 years to keep him from the Detroit Tigers. While I think it is a right decision to extend Wilken, Fleita is a head scratcher to me.

- Some media outlets think the decision to extend Oneri and possibly Wilken may make the GM job look less attractive. I agree with Oneri but signing Wilken to an extension should give the next GM excitement because he is the best in the game.

- Quade is still going to play veterans even though fans, media, and other want to see the young kids.

- Quade in my opinion is playing the last managerial job he will ever have.

- The move made with Fleita and possibly Wilken show some around baseball that Ricketts will hire a young assistant GM from another team.

- There is a ton of rumors that Ricketts is “strongly considering” Kim Ng who is a senior VP of Baseball Operation with MLB and a top GM candidate.

- So far the Cubs have brought up Bryan LaHair, Andrew Cashner, DJ LeMahieu, John Gaub, and Lou Montanez. Why Montanez I ask you?

- Brett Jackson will not be called up. He will play for team USA and likely play fall ball.

- Carlos Zambrano’s season is done and the team will likely trade him this winter.

- The White Sox and Cubs could swap bad contracts this off-season according to sources.

- Carlos Pena still remains a top 3 option for the Cubs to play 1st base next season.

- Prince Fielder and CJ Wilson are high on Ricketts list of players according to a source.

- Aramis Ramirez has a 16 million dollar club option for next season. If the Cubs decline it they pay a 2 million dollar payout. If they exercise and Aram rejects it he forgoes the payout and becomes a free agent. Many think the next GM and Aram will work out an extension. I think exercising his option is a win/win!

- Here are my odds on the rumored GM candidates actually becoming the Cubs GM.

Brian Cashman 1000-1

Andrew Friedman 750-1

Jon Daniels 750-1

Ned Colletti 500-1

Jerry DiPoto 400-1

Theo Epstien 250-1

Allard Baird 150-1

Thad Levine 100-1

Ben Cherington 75-1

Billy Beane 30-1

Josh Byrnes 25-1

Kim Ng 10-1

Rick Hahn 4-1

- I think ultimately it will be down to four with Beane, Byrnes, Ng, and Hahn. I think Rick Hahn lands the job and brings in Ryne Sandberg as his next manager.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

I think what cubs need most is starting pitchers. And that is what i feel they will trade for. Wilson is the only free agent pitcher that should be considered.
I don't see cubs signing a 1B man for more than a year or 2 max. That
leaves Fielder and Puljos out. Here is why.
LaHair .331 BA 38 HR only 8 E AAA
Riding .309 BA 20 HR only 6 E AA
Bour .277 BA 23 HR 12 E Daytona
Jones .309 BA 24 HR 11 E Peoria
Hoilman .252 BA 17 HR (252 AB) 5 E
Boise. At least one of those will make it.
What the cubs will do is keep Ramirez another year cause they have to. Vitters is not ready defensively. Flaherty is not ready offensivly. hopefully one of them will be ready next year. Unless the cubs trade away more of their talent to get a 1B or 3B man. Or some of their young pitchers come through. I think without at least 2 new pitchers cubs will be a .500 club at best. WELCOME BACK I'VE BEEN WAITING.

kingdomusa said...

I like Hahn who brings in Ryno. I think Ricketts should find a position for Ng also. That would satisfy a lot of Cub fans going into 2012. No one wants Quade and riggins back. That was a huge mistake by Hendry. "Q" was Randy Bush's room mate so you can see what went down.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Daytona swept St. Lucie to win FSL Championship.
AA Tennessee swept Chattanooga in round 1, now they face Mobile in round 2 for the championship.
I also see where cubs are thinking of making Samardzija a starter next year.