Friday, July 27, 2012

Cubs Rumor Bag: Its full but of what I don't know...

UPDATE: Sources say Dempster will consider trades to other teams than the Dodgers.
UPDATE #2:  The Cubs are willing to absorb all but $2M of Soriano's contract if they can get the right player in return.
UPDATE #3: The Cubs, Red Sox, and another team have been talking about a trade revolving around Carl Crawford, Alfonso Soriano, and Ryan Dempster a source tells me.

  • Finally heard from one of my sources today and here is what he had to say-
  • “The Dodgers and Cubs have almost hit a point of no return in Dempster talks because neither team is moving from their asking price. It now seems the Dodgers have left talks with the Cubs to move onto pitchers that can be controlled beyond this year, mainly James Shields. They view Shields as a better pitcher than Dempster and better cost effective for what they have to give up in prospects. In fact the Dodgers interest in Ryan Dempster was initially low but then became intense once he turned down the Braves offer. The reason being is it was known Dempster turned down the Braves offer because he preferred the Dodgers. The Dodgers believed they could get Dempster for a lot less than what the Braves were offering thus why they are not moving off their asking price. Theo and Jed meanwhile are content with waiting this out rather than giving into LA’s offers for Dempster. The front office has told Dempster they have tired and even tried to compromise with the Dodgers to get a deal done but it is not going to happen ( Me: I am guessing the compromise is moving from players such as Zach Lee to a Webster package to straight up for Webster). So now that ball is in Dempster court. The Cubs and Braves still have the framework for a deal and the Cubs also have other teams very interested in Dempster. But after all this the front office has made it clear to Ryan Dempster that they want to trade him.”
    • That is a lot to take in but makes sense. I hope the Cubs start making some moves since the trade deadline is 5 days away.
    • One of those teams that are interested in Dempster just may have revealed itself. GM Ben Cherington says the Red Sox see a chance take the Wild Card spot and will go for it now. He is looking to upgrade the rotation and bullpen he says.
    • The White Sox have interest in Dempster but there is not much of a farm system on the south side of town.
    • The O’s are looking at Bryan LaHair and have been scouting the Cubs system.
    • A source recently told me the big hold up on moves is the Cubs and several other teams are trying to complete a multi-team trade that would involve several big pieces from the Cubs going elsewhere. This is something David Kaplan suggested on twitter yesterday as well.
    • Jae-Hoon Ha had a scary moment when he went in head first into a concrete wall yesterday going after a flyball. He was removed off the field on a stretcher in bad shape. Our prayers are with him.
    • Phil Rogers said today the Rays badly need Soriano and hopes he heads there to open up a spot for Brett Jackson.
    • He also has an absurd trade that would send Alfonso Sorian, Bryan LaHair, Geovany Soto, and $22 M for Luke Scott or Carlos Pena, Chris Archer, Tim Beckham, and two or three prospects. WHAT????
    • Rogers says that the Braves could still end up with Dempster and Garza could end up in LA especially if Greinke goes to Texas.
    • The Giants and Cubs are in deep talks for Carlos Marmol a source tells me. This goes along with recent talk that the Giants want to acquire a pitcher with closing experience beyond this year. They have also been linked to Chris Perez.
    • The Braves are still in on Ryan Dempster and could be the fall back plan for the Cubs if they cannot work something out with the Dodgers. The Braves fall back plan now seems to be Dempster if they cannot get Zack Greinke.
    • Trade interest for Garza is gone since learning he will not pitch before the deadline because of fluid build up on his tricep.
    • The Cubs have discussed trading Bryan LaHair or Alfonso Soriano along with Dempster in a deal with the Dodgers according to Danny Knobler.
    • Latest update has the Braves cooling on Grienke and starting to go back to Dempster.
    Doug Padilla does a chat today so let’s take a look at the highlights-
    • Dempster is a better fit for a NL club but a cross town match up could work.
    • The closer the Cubs get to the deadline the better deal they will receive.
    • He thinks Garza is the best pitcher on the block even with a sore arm.
    • Dempster could still agree to be traded to ATL.
    • Garza’s arm complicates things but he still could be dealt to a team like Texas.
    • Soriano is looking like a long shot to get traded.
    • Vitters needs to get better defensively before getting the call up to the majors.
    • The Cubs are focusing in on deals involving Dempster and Garza.
    • Not a lot of LaHair chatter which is surprising.
    • There is a chance Marmol is traded.
    • Soto has a good possibility of being dealt.
    • Valbuena is a place holder for third.
    • There is a slim chance the Cubs stand pat at the deadline.

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    Anonymous said...

    Hello, congratulations for the good work. Your site is one of my favorites. I would like the cubs do something "outside the box".

    Like this trade proposal:
    Braves get Ryan Dempster and Starlin Castro.
    Cubs get Julio Teheran, Randall Delgado, Christian Bethancourt, Martin Perez, Jurickson Profar and Mike Olt.
    Rangers get Matt Garza, Carlos Marmol, Andrelton Simmons and Sean Gilmartin.

    The Rangers would basically get replacements for Perez and Profar in Gilmartin and Simmons (not at the same level of talent but still pretty good prospects). The Braves would address their need for starting pitching and get that quality shortstop they have been searching since Furcal's departure. And the Cubs would get a lot of great young talent (including some of the best prospects) to start building a winner.

    I know this may be too unrealistic, especially now that everybody seems to value prospects more than ever. But I would love to see the Cubs make some major movements that make us, the fans, excited about the future. Yes, we would be losing Castro, but for that kind of talent I would be willing to do it in a heartbeat.

    What do you think?