Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cubs Rumor Bag: Other Cubs, The Future, and Dempster... UPDATES!

YOU WANT THE LATEST UPDATES??  Hard to compete with BleacherNation on obsessive Ryan Dempster rumors so here you go. Who likes Dempster Updates??? Bleacher Nation and I do!!!!

  •  Matt Garza has went home to be with his wife who is expecting the next couple days.  He is likely not to start until Monday.
  • Ken Rosenthal is reporting a dagger of a story about Dempster vetoing a trade to Atlanta because he still wants sent to the Dodgers. I want to say if this is true it makes me physically sick that the Cubs could have got Delgado for Dempster and instead have lost all negotiating power and will end up with two low level prospects from the Dodgers. Again; if this is true, having Dempster tell everyone he will do whatever benefits the Cubs because they have been good to him sounds more like BS to me.
  • The O’s have talked to the Cubs about Bryan LaHair but it has not gone beyond that stage.
  • The Rangers have now emerged as front runners for Garza according my source. The same source says with Lewis going down the Rangers maybe willing to deal Olt and/or Perez now.
  • The Dodgers remain interested in Garza and the Dodgers are willing to deal Zach Lee for him. The Cubs will not deal Garza until Dempster is off the table.
  • Sveum said the Cubs trading all of Dempster, Garza, Maholm is not going to happen. He says it is very impossible odds.
  • The talk of the Cubs rotation being “killed” if Dempster, Garza, and Maholm being traded is really quite crazy. These “people” saying this obviously do not know what a trade is. See if you trade someone like Dempster you get a player back like maybe Delgado. Then that player is inserted into their spot in the rotation. And since the Cubs are prioritizing pitching I doubt their rotation will be “killed.” For example lets say Garza is traded for a package around Martin Perez, Dempster for Delgado, and Maholm for not sure. You would then have a rotation of Shark, Wood, Delgado, Perez, and Germano/or an AAA pitcher. So no killing taking place here.
  • BleacherNation looks at the anatomy of a “Broken” Trade found here.
  • I had one source tell me that Christian Bethancourt could be coming along with Delgado in a Dempster trade. To that I say WOW OH WOW! I am assuming the Cubs would give up a piece as well then?
  • Jorge Soler hit a homer two days ago and Almora hit one last night. Future looking bright for the Cubbies. CubsDen has a video of Almora bomb here.
  • Vogelbach has been dong well lately so he was promoted to Boise.
  • Dempster has thanked fans via twitter saying “Nothing official to report. You will be the 1st to know. Thnx to all my fans for the support #RD46” I take that as a good sign of a deal happening. But I am usually optimistic.
  • Garza is unlikely to start on Friday and will likely be pushed back a day or two to rest that arm. The Cubs are taking a gamble on him bouncing back and pitching well in his last start before the trade deadline.
  • The Rays still seem interested in Soriano.
  • Levine’s Latest-
    • In a deal for Garza and Barney the Cubs wanted Smyly, Castallanos, and Turner. What the Marlins got for Sanchez and Infante would have not been enough for the Cubs.
    • The Cubs could have Coleman, Lopez, or Rusin fill in for departing cub pitching.
    • You need Garza to start and throw 100 pitches to get full value out of him before the deadline.
    • Levine only reports on what he knows, unlike some people. Hey Bruce when your done talking can you come down off that pedestal please?
    • Delgado for Dempster is the only specifics Levine knows but assumes money will be exchanged.
    • The Angels were scouting Soto last week and he still could be traded.
    • He thinks Reed Johnson and Jeff Baker will be moved but are better off holding onto LaHair. We agree on this but if the Cubs get a nice package for LaHair it will be hard to say no.
    • Levine does not understand Sveum using the word fabrication since everyone knows the deal of Dempster for Delgado was on the table.
    • Dempster was upset at the barrage of media reports before he had accepted a trade. I can understand that.
    • There have been no takers on Marmol or Soriano although there was interest last week on Soriano but teams don’t want to pay any of his contract.
    • Theo wants a number one prospect for Garza plus a least two other prospects.
    • The Dodgers are still in on Dempster and could take him away from the Braves.
    • Kansas City Royals and the Pittsburg Pirates both have interest in Paul Maholm.
    • If the Cubs get Delgado he will pitch in the ML.
    • Dempster has the right to change his mind but did say there were a few teams he would consider never agreed to be traded to.
    • The Cubs are not interested in Hanley Ramirez or any player like him.
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