Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mark Teahen on Cubs Radar.

We have heard a lot of rumors on Orlando Hudson and Mark Teahen in the recent days and it just keeps coming. The Royals are pleasantly surprised that O-dawg wants to sign with them and may decide to trade or release Mark Teahen along with Travis Buck to make financial room for Hudson. This would make Royal Nation very happy according to reports.

The Cubs are still in on Hudson but would prefer to do a sign and trade for him rather than sign him and lose a draft pick. The Cubs are still unsure whether the players union or the Diamondbacks would allow this to happen. The Cubs are currently looking for a guy that can play all over the field and getting Hudson would allow the Cubs to use Miles as utility player to play IF and OF and Fonty at 2b, 3b, and SS. But by signing Hudson they would eliminate Hoffpauir's position on the 25 man roster, leaving a big hole at 1st when Lee needs a rest.

So the Cubs may target Mark Teahen instead of signing Hudson. The Cubs would have a guy that can play 1st, 2b, 3rd, RF, and LF if they land Teahen. He would again take Hoffpauir's place on the team but he gives the Cubs more versatility and a proven ML bat in the lineup. This would also allow Lou to leave Gathright as the 5th outfielder and provide speed and defense off the bench. Not to mention Gathright could start for the Cubs when one of the other outfielders need a rest and be used as a lead off guy when he does start. Teahen would be the ideal pick up for the Cubs and he has been on and off their radar all winter, so if he is released or traded, he will be on the Cubs. You can bet on that!

All said and done it is a better move for the Cubs.

Versatility- Teahen>Hoffpauir
Speed- Teahen>Hoffpauir
Power- Hoffpauir>Teahen
Defense- Teahen>Hoffpauir

Hard to argue with that.

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