Tuesday, February 17, 2009

O-Dawg Update

Ken Rosenthal said today that the Dodgers still like Orlando Hudson and that Hudson would like to play for the Royals but they do not have the money to sign him. The only way they could land Hudson is by trading or releasing Mark Teahen, which is unlikely.

Jon Heyman says Ned Colletti has had some talks with Hudson after Dunn signed and said that the club could afford to get both Hudson and ManRam. He goes onto say that the White Sox are not players in Orlando (I will believe that when he signs somewhere else) but says the Cubs have been linked to him recently.

None of these articles really mention that much about the Cubs pursuit on Hudson but I will provide you with what I have been hearing. The Cubs are still very much in the mix with getting Hudson. In fact there is a stir in the organization that has Hudson there #1 priority to get now that Peavy seems unlikely. The Cubs are looking at the situation carefully because if they can get Hudson without giving up a draft pick they want to go that route. The Dbacks as of right now are working on a sign and trade with Juan Cruz and the Cubs may approach the Diamondbacks to to the same with Hudson after the Cruz transaction is complete. The Cubs currently have a surplus of young pitching that the Diamondbacks may want which could make it a very even and easy deal for both teams.

I am also hearing that while the Dodgers do still have interest in Hudson they may go with DeWitt at 2nd base rather than spend money and perhaps a draft pick on the aging Hudson. Their #1 priority is Manny right now.

I am also hearing if the Royals do release or look to trade Teahen, the Cubs would be very interested. Teahen would fill in as a super utility guy and unfortunately take over Hoffpauir's spot on the roster because Teahen can play everywhere except CF, P, and C.

More to come I am sure.

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