Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bako and Hill to Battle for Backup Catcher. Spring Traning Update.

UPDATE 4:30pm- Here is some updates from Spring Training-

- Milton Bradley showed up early because he was eager to get a head start.

- Reed Johnson has lost 14 lbs, is there anything left of him??? LOL

- Mike Stanton could make the team as the 2nd lefty in pen if Marshall gets the starting job. I think Jason Waddell has a decent shot to join the team as the 2nd lefty in the pen. He has great numbers.

- Fonty, Theriot, Taguchi, Johnson and Barney have all joined Bradley in showing up early.

- Luis Vizcaino is having Visa problems but should be in camp any day.

- Harden threw off the mound and looked good, he also did not have any arm issues. He also wants to make at least 30 starts. If he does that I will be surprised and happy because that means he is healthy and the Cubs will have a number one starter in the rotation!

- The Cubs will watch how Miles and Fonty do is Spring Training before making an offer to Hudson who could provide more balance, speed, and defense than both Miles and Fontenot.

The Cubs have made it known that Bako will not be handed the job of backup catcher but compete for it against Koyie Hill. The Cubs really like Hill and pitchers really liked throwing to Hill, even better than Hank White last year. I am glad to hear that the Cubs will not just get the average Bako the job. I have felt all winter that if the Cubs did not bring back Blanco that Hill would be the backup catcher. I hope I am right because Hill has a better bat and glove than Bako. Plus he is younger and a switch hitter, which would give the Cubs more versatility.

More to Come!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

LUIS not jose.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I don't see cubs getting Hudson cause they would give up a draft pick. And thats not a position where we need help. If there are any changes at all i think it will be Lee traded for Figgins. Not a rumor just me guessing.(I know Lee has a no trade clause)