Friday, November 10, 2006

Sheffield off cubs radar, J.D. Drew on???

Jon Heyman reports that the Tigers have acquired Gary Sheffield for Humberto Sanchez and two Class A pitchers, Kevin Whelan and Anthony Claggett. i have to say seeing gary go somewhere except the cubs is good for the northsiders.. he would have been a cancer on the clubhouse and he is too old to take a gamble on.

now JD Drew on the other hand wouldnt be a bad pick up. When healthy he is a good outfielder and a great hitter.. as you can see the cubs are pretty right handed and you look at the market and it lacks left handed power which i think the cubs need badly.. having said that he will probly command 12 to 13 mill a year over 4 years.. that may be over paying but is a cheaper and more effective option that lee or soriano... not saying i would pick Drew over them but i think our big concern should be pitching.. well see, the count down is on to free agency is on!