Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Week Left.....

With one week left and on the eve of the Cubs big decisions we have some good notes from ST-

- It appears Tyler Colvin will make the big league club out of ST but Lou says he will need to get consistent ABs. That means he will likely split time with Byrd and Fukudome or if anyone struggles early because the guys can hit!

- Aram is getting better and hit a homer yesterday and should see action at 3rd base very soon.

- Nady played the outfield yesterday. It seems he might play the outfield only once in a while in April.

- The Cubs will make a decision on their rotation tomorrow and will likely cut the roster down to 30. The club will also make a decision on Tracy or Millar very soon.

- Russell will likely make the team out of camp which will likely have either Gorzo or Marshall go to the rotation.

Until Next Time...

Projections coming soon!!!!!

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Unknown said...

I dont understand why they keep trying to force Nady on the roster when he isn't ready defensively. Put him on the DL to start the season. It buys time for the Cubs to keep both Tracy and Millar, and will give more OF ABs to spread out all the way down to Colvin.

Force Nady and if he gets hurt after Opening Day... then you may have lost Tracy or Millar to another team if they are waived and/or Colvin has rotted on the bench or is being jerked around between the minors and Chicago.