Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cubbie Quick Hits....

- Bleeding Cubbie Blue has a great write up on the Theo compensation talks which seem to be never ending. If the Red Sox think they can get someone like Travis Wood or Anthony Rizzo then they must be under the influence of a drug so powerful it takes away all reasoning and logic.

- If you have not heard the Marlins did make an offer to Yoenis Cespedes before he went back to the Dominican. It was first reported at 6 years over $40M but now sources and sites like are reporting the deal is worth 6 years but lower than $40M. The Fish are banking on Cespedes really wanting to play in Miami which is a big gamble.

- I think the Cubs could easily top the deal and think they will ultimately offer Cespedes a 6 year deal with an option and incentives guaranteeing him $50M. Whether he takes it is another story.

- Jon Heyman says the Cubs could have interest in Edgar Renteria to back up shortstop next season. Makes sense on a minor league deal but nothing more.

- The Chicago Cubs are not done working on this year's team according to sources. Theo and Co. are still working on dealing Matt Garza and Alfonso Soriano while gaging suitors and interest for Ryan Dempster, Carlos Marmol, Geovany Soto, Randy Wells, and Marlon Byrd. My source told it could be a very busy Spring Training for the Cubs with potential moves on the horizon. Another team is just one injury away from overpaying for a player like Garza, Marmol, Byrd, etc..

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