Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sorry I have been gone for a while, lots of cubs updates and news

Here is the low down on what has gone on for the past three days-

- Sam Zell will buy the cubs at the end of the season for 8.2 billion dollars.

- Zambrano talks on hold-

One person near the negotiations between Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs for a contract extension said that both sides have agreed to let things "cool down".
But that's not to say the possibility of a deal has been greatly reduced. Zambrano and his agent have decided to extend the deadline for completion of the deal "indefinitely". Originally, the Zambrano camp had placed a deadline at Opening Day, but has since backed off of that given the news that the Cubs parent company, the Tribune Co., will be sold and that the buyer will then sell the Cubs in the offseason.
Both the Cubs, Zambrano and his handlers are saying that they think a deal can still be worked out despite this turn of events.

Thanks to MLB trade rumors

I still think a deal could be done here soon, especially now that they have extended it through the season. Its just being held up because Sam Zell's announcement of him buying the cubs. There will be a deal made in the coming week or two.

- Zambrano looks nervous first outing, Lilly looks masterful!

-The cubs are 1 and 1 overall

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