Saturday, July 31, 2010

Going Waiver Crazy?

I just had some very interesting news sent to me via email-

There are numerous moves the Cubs were not able to make before the deadline but that does not mean they are done. Here is a list of players the Cubs will place on waivers that I received verbally from a person inside the Cubs organization.

Xavier Nady
Jeff Baker
Derrek Lee
Aramis Ramirez
Kosuke Fukudome
Alfonso Soriano
John Grabow
Mike Fontenot
Carlos Silva
Ryan Dempster

The Cubs are looking to cut cost as much as they can and become major players in the next two free agent markets while developing a young energetic core out of their farm system. I thought I would pass this along. I love your blog, keep up the great work.


Pretty good stuff! What do you think Cub fans? Are the Cubs making the right move by doing this? I do! Putting a player on waivers really hurts nothing. In fact up until a couple years ago tons of players were put on waivers and pulled back without even knowing. Usually the only time you knew back then is when you were eventually traded to the team that claimed you.

To see some of these players moved would not surprise me. We have seen bigger shockers like Alex Rio and Adam Dunn moved after the deadline.

Just something to keep your eye on!


Tanner said...

I do like this trade that they just did. Theriot is not worth what he will be making next year. DeWitt is a utility player, as well as a starter, so I think Baker will be moved and even Fontenot. D Lee will not be back, unless he comes back cheap and understand that he wont start and play all the time. Aram will be at third next year, with colvin at first base. I still think they will go after a Carl Crawford and/or a Cliff Lee.

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think this is News? The whole team with the exception of Colvin, Cashner, Gorzelany, Marshall, Soto, Castro and Marmol will be put on waivers. Guess what, none of them will be claimed either.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Z turns it on and Silva continues to look good so the Cubs can trade them off for some return. May as well unload ARam as well.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I wonder if Lee is put on waivers and another team claims him. And the cubs can't trade him ( his no trade clause ) is it legal to send him to another team. Since they did not really trade him. Then they would save a few million in salary.

Anonymous said...

Explain how you can put a player on waivers if he has a no trade clause?