Monday, July 26, 2010

Rumor Round-Up...

Cubs rumors are jammed pack with the trade deadline less than a week away. Many rumors you have heard and some you have not. Lets check it out-

- The Cubs hope that the deal the D'backs got for Dan Haren is a fluke because they expect to get more talent wise than what they got for Lilly.

- Bob Nightengale said via Twitter that the Rangers are in deep conversations for Cantu and are taking a close look at Derrek Lee. He also says they are looking at another starter.

- According to my sources, the Cubs tried to deal Lilly and Derrek Lee to the Angels before they acquired Dan Haren. Those same sources say that the Cubs are offering Derrek Lee and Ted Lilly to the Rangers but want the Rangers to pick up the tab on both all while getting two close to ready ML top prospects.

- is looking to add a bat at first base for the injured Kendry Morales. They are looking at Garret Jones and Derrek Lee but it has not been confirmed that they have had talks with the Cubs or Pirates. If the Cubs did trade Lee to the Angels they could ask for 1st base prospect Mark Tumbo. He would immediately come in for the Cubs and play first base if Lee is dealt.

- The Cubs expect to trade Lilly before his next start, which it tomorrow.

- The Yankees are really starting to like Ted Lilly especially with Andy P. on the DL. I am hearing the Cubs are asking for Jesus Montero (who could be moved to 1st if acquired by the Cubs).

- According to Jayson Stark of ESPN, he said that Derrek Lee is unlikely to waive his no-trade clause. He got this information from a friend of Lee's. Remember days ago Ken Rosenthal said that he talked to a friend that said he would welcome a trade if it was the right situation. It is hard to believe what will happen. All Derrek is saying is he would like to stay in Chicago.

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