Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cubs Next Manager is..... Kaplan and Stark talk Cubs...

- With the announcement of Lou leaving at the end of the season and Jim officially compiling his list of potential candidates, we are hearing more and more names come out and be dismissed. Here is the latest list-

To get an interview-(so far)
Ryne Sandberg
Fredi Gonzalez

Announced Interest-
Bob Brenly
Pat Listach
Ryne Sandberg
Fredi Gonzalez

Rumored Interest-
Bobby Valentine
Joe Torre
Joe Girardi

Dismissed Rumors?-
Tony LaRussa
Joe Girardi – Many say he will not leave but until he makes a statement or the Yanks extend him I will keep him in the rumored interest as well.

- Many teams are very interested in Ted Lilly. Rumor has it that Jim Hendry is trying to package Lilly with Theriot as well as other Cubs like Fukudome, Fontenot, and maybe even Derrek Lee.

- 6 teams are aggressively going after Lilly and Jayson Stark said the Cubs will not pay any of his salary and probably will not have to.

Here is an update from David Kaplan on 1460 KXNO-

- David Kaplan still thinks that Joe Girardi will be the Cubs next manager but if for some reason he is not he said no doubt the Cubs make Ryne Sandberg there next manager. Kaplan said that if Joe Girardi is manager next season, Ryne will be asked to be on his coaching staff.

- Kaplan says there is no way Joe Torre or Pat Listach is the Cubs next manager.

- David Kaplan said there is no doubt that Jim Hendry will be the GM next season.

- David Kaplan also says that executives around baseball view the Cubs minor league system as a top 5-10 in baseball as far as depth and general talent.

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