Monday, July 19, 2010

Lots of Lilly Suitors and other rumors....

- According to Jayson Stark of ESPN the Tigers have inquired on Ted Lilly. Although Rosenthal said they have not spoken in weeks. On a side note, anyone with ESPN will disagree with anyone at Foxsports and vice versa (stupid!).

- Bruce Levine says the Yankees, Tigers, Mets, Twins, and Dodgers have called Hendry about Ted Lilly. He also names the Red Sox and Rays as potential suitors but just to prevent the Yankees from getting him.

- Ryan Theriot said he has heard his name in trade rumors but does not want to be traded. While sources say that if Lilly goes to the Tigers, Theriot will go along for the ride.

- Carlos Zambrano is expected to pitch for the Iowa Cubs this week, likely on Weds or Thursday. There have been rumors circulating that the Yankees could trade Burnett for Zambrano because the money is about the same, but that may just be message board talk. I am still hearing rumors that the White Sox are interested especially with Peavy done for the year.

- The Rangers still really like Xavier Nady but prefer Lowell because he can play 3rd.

- The Cubs may go into next season with holes at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (if Aram opts out) to fill. Tom Ricketts said in a nut shell he will not hand out large contracts (ie Zambrano, Soriano, etc) but spend wisely on free agents while developing the prospects. Here are some of the rumored candidates to fill those infield positions-

First Base-
Adam Dunn
Carlos Pena
Ty Wigginton

2nd Base-
Orlando Hudson
Felipe Lopez

3rd base-
Adrian Beltre- if option is not exercised
Jorge Cantu

The Cubs could also move some players around on the diamond. I have hear rumblings that the Cubs could move Geovany Soto from behind the plate to 1st or 3rd base. Which would also explain why the Cubs are interested in acquiring a top prospect catcher for Lilly. The Cubs could also move Tyler Colvin to 1st base as well. This goes to show you that the Cubs are thinking outside the box.

- Sources expect the Cubs manager Lou Pinella to retire at the end of the season. Those same sources say Ryne Sandberg will be the Chicago Cubs new manager. CubbieCrib has more on this.

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Anonymous said...

Soto is a good bat as a catcher. Move him to 1st or 3rd he becomes an average to below average bat and more than likely wouldn't be a very good defender.