Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Talk... No Moves Yet...


- Jim Hendry plans or already has talked to Ted Lilly about his future with the Cubs. I expect him to do the same with other veterans on the team.

- Bruce Levine and George Ofman said the Rockies and Tigers have interest in Ryan Theriot.

- Rumors are circulating that Lee would waive his no trade clause to play for the Giants but Lee quickly shot that rumor down and said that was not true.

- Ofman on WGN radio said Mike Fontenot is drawing interest from the Yankees while the Padres and Rangers really like Xavier Nady.

- George also said Hendry is working on package deals with teams so they can move Kosuke Fukudome.

- People close to Lou Pinella expect him to retire at the end of the season. Some rumored candidates to replace him are Joe Girardi, Bobby Valentine, Ryne Sandberg, Alan Trammel, and Bob Brenly. Not bad company, I like Sandberg, Girardi, then Brenly.

- MLBTR takes a look at Ted Lilly's trade value. They think the Cubs could get a Jarrod Washburn type package which is very fair. They also said the Twins could offer up Wilson Ramos. I would take that deal in a second!

- According to the Mets have got back in the picture to trade for Ted Lilly. They even profile 3 prospects the Cubs are interested in. Here is the link

- According to the Sun-Times the White Sox have some interest in Ted Lilly. Could the Cubs and Sox do a cross town deal?

- Just when you thought he was gone, Carlos Zambrano reappears with a smile. Zambrano returned to baseball activities in Arizona after being released for completion from his anger management treatment. Hendry and Lou will meet with Big Z and discuss his rehab and possible road back to Wrigley.

- Joey Votto is a idiot!

- CubbieCrib gives us reasons why Carlos Silva should be traded and why his value will never be higher.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

Just got back from vacation, and can't believe all the rumors.
Z- head case nobody wants him
Soriano- makes to much not wanted
Lee-.239, Nady-.223, Baker-.233
why would any team want these 3. They are not hitting.
Howry-6.97 and Grabow-7.36 you couldn't give these 2 away.
Silva- Seattle picks up a good portion of his salary. He's going nowhere and Fontenot being the only lefty infielder is going no place unless the cubs get a lefty or switch hitter in return..
That leaves Lilly, Theriot and Fukudome (.349 OBP and great defense) as the only 3 players that have a chance to be traded.
Lilly for sure cause he's good. Theriot and Fukudome maybe.
That's my 2 cents worth.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Just a thought yankees are hoping to unload Burnett about 66 million left on his contract 2013. Cubs are trying to unload Zambrano about 73 million left on his contract. So the cubs throw in 7 million and its a deal.