Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hot Stove Talk......

- The Chicago Cubs do not know where Zambrano is or what timetable he is on. All the Cubs know is that he is receiving professional “treatment” issued by the team and the doctor that is overseeing the “treatment” has not giving Zambrano the OK to resume baseball activities. You file this away in the weird category.

- On a related note if the Cubs do get Zambrano back this season the White Sox may be interested in trading for him. The Sox lost Jake Peavy to season ending surgery and are looking for added insurance and another veteran presence in the rotation just incase their young minor leaguers cannot fill the hole left by Peavy. Zambrano and Oz have a good relationship and Zambrano has said before he would waive his no-trade clause to go to NY or to the Southside of Chicago. Another stipulation is the Cubs would have to pick up “over half” of the amount left on Big Z’s contract.

- While the Mets are cooling on the idea of trading for Ted Lilly the Twins are gaining interest in the lefty. The Twins are reportedly looking for an upgrade to the back of there rotation which has been very weak for them. Ted Lilly is an obvious upgrade over Nick Blackburn and a Ted Lilly trade could happen sooner rather than later. It should be noted that the Twins do not have enough salary room next season to acquire a guy like Roy Oswalt or Dan Haren so landing Lilly might be a priority for the Twins.

- Derrek Lee to the Angels has came up again but now according to “close friends” of Mr. Lee he is saying that he would in fact waive his no-trade clause to go to the “right fit.” Lee makes his off season home in California so the Angels make perfect sense considering they would not have to over pay for him in money or prospects and he is a free agent at the end of the year. The Angels reportedly want a “rental player” because Morales is due back next season barring any set backs. With how many rumors surround Lee and the Angels and how much sense it actually makes it is hard to see how this deal does not get done.

- I am told by one of my sources that the Rangers will acquire Xavier Nady for a mid-level prospect in single or double A within the next week.

- Want the Cubs to completely rebuild? Forget about it. The Cubs are committed to winning and will strive to do so by spending money wisely next season to make this team better. Ricketts did say that the market has changed as far as big contracts which would help the Cubs since there payroll is 3rd highest among baseball. The Cubs will continue to make this team better by signing impact players while developing there minor league system. So another words no fire sale.

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No Fire Sale = No World Series Anytime soon.