Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cubs Rumors Heating Up!

- Despite two really bad outings by Ted Lilly teams are still interested. Bruce Levine says Jim Hendry and Ned Colletti are exchanging ideas because the Dodgers could use a starting pitcher. George Offerman chimed in and said the Cubs really like the Mets prospect Josh Thole, who is a catcher and rated the Mets 8th best prospect.

- Xavier Nady, not Derrek Lee is getting a ton of attention recently. Nady is being targeted by the Angels, Padres, and especially the Rangers. In fact Bruce Levine says he would be shock to not see Nady traded to the Rangers soon. Levine says the Cubs can get a A or AA prospect for Nady!

- The Cubs are shopping middle infielders Baker, Theriot, and Mike Fontenot. Paul Sullivan said the Cubs will trade two of the three middle infielders before the deadline and call up Darwin Barney to Chicago. Levine said the talks between Theriot and Tigers have cooled but the Rockies are "very interested" in the scrappy infielder.

- According to sources and confirmed by my readers now, Sean Marshall has been labeled "untouchable" by the Cubs. He joins that list headed by Castro, Marmol, Soto, and Colvin.

- Oddly enough no rumors surrounding Carlos Silva but that could pick up after the All-Star break.

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Soto is on the untouchable list. I know he is starting to look better, but I wouldn't say he is untouchable. At the same time, I would be surprised if contenders were interested in him, although I'm not familiar with the catching depth all around the league.

It is odd Silva has had no rumors. I can understand no AL teams wanting him cause of his bad numbers with Seattle and him not looking as good in interleague games as he did in NL games. But I would have to imagine a NL team could use him. Him and Lilly are our chips.

I agree Marshall should be untouchable. I love him as a lefty set up guy. I don't think we should trade Gorz either, assuming we trade both Lilly and Silva, we are already losing a chunk of the rotation. I'm guessing Z would step back in eventually? And that leaves one rotation spot that may be filled with a call up. - Joe