Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lots of Moves... None including the Cubs...

UPDATE!- The Padres are "in talks" with the Cubs regarding two Cub pitchers they are interested in. Sources say the Padres are looking for an inning eater to save their young arms and willing to absorb "some" money in the process. Just speculation but they maybe looking at Carlos Silva or maybe even Tom Gorzelanny. I will keep you updated.

With Oswalt heading to Philly, Tejeda heading to San Diego, and Rangers acquiring Cantu you would think the Cubs have been busy but they have not. Here is the latest rumors surrounding the Cubs-

- The Rockies are now sellers but still really like Ryan Theriot because he can help beyond this year. The Tigers are now the only other team really interested in Theriot because of other players heading to other cites.

- The Mets asked about Tom Gorzelanny but nothing has came of it yet.

- The Mets are still calling the Cubs about Lilly but will not give up Josh Thole.

- Now it has come out that Lilly has the Twins on his no-trade clause so it is reported that it is unlikely he will be heading to Minnesota.

- The Padres are looking for outfielders and pitchers to bolster their rotation. The Cubs might be a fit for both. They have Gorzelanny, Lilly, Silva, Zambrano, Fukudome, Nady, and Soriano that could appeal to the Padres but money may be an issue for some of the players listed.

- The Dodgers are the favorite to land Ted Lilly according to sources. Some say the Cubs could ask for John Ely but would love to pry away top prospect Dee Gordon but that is unlikely. I also heard rumblings that a three way trade could be in the mix that would send the Cubs James Loney, Dodgers Ted Lilly and Lance Berkman, and the Astros Tom Gorzelanny and prospects from the Dodgers.

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Anonymous said...

carlos silva is not an innings eater

ivorybanger said...

That 3-team scenario is a win for everybody... could LA throw in Ethier if we gave them another valuable piece, say, Grablow?

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I don't think Gorzelanny is going anywhere hes cheap and the cubs have control of him for a few more years. Also when lilly leaves he will be the only lefty starter.
I was looking at the cubs minor league system today. AAA Iowa is in 1st. AA Tenn. is in 1st. High A Daytona is in 1st. And Cub1 in Dominican is in 1st. The future looks good, the kids can play.