Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick Hits...

- Dempster gets the Opening Day nod.

- Garza and Zambrano will pitch the first Spring Training game against the A's Sunday.

- Colvin will start a few games at first this Spring.

- Wellemeyer will be looked at as a starter or reliever.

- Kerry Wood and Aramis Ramirez look and feel good.

- Ricketts talks Pujols and the Cubs at CubbieCrib.com.

- The Cubs are posing themselves well for a Pujols run. One exec believes the Cubs will start the bidding at 7 years 200 million.

- The Cubs will be winners even if they do not sign Pujols, as long as he elects free agency. If Pujols becomes a free agent one of three things will happen in which all will benefit the Cubs. He signs a long and expensive deal with the Cards forcing them to cut corners in other areas like pitching, he signs with the Cubs and they steal a future HOFer from their rivals, or he signs elsewhere which gets him out of the NL Central and away from torturing the Cubs. It is a win-win situation for the CUbs.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

Since the Giants benched Zito for the playoffs. I think he may be ready to pass on his no trade clause. Now if the cubs can talk Soriano to drop his no trade clause, i think we could make a deal. the money is almost even. Then the cubs have a lefty starter and giants get a power hitter.
Also K.C. are looking for a pitcher or two, till their studs are ready 2012. How about Silva and 5 mil. or Wells even up for Betemit or Robinson. Better yet Silva and Wells for Betemit and Robinson. Moustakas should win the starting job at 3B making Betemit expendable. And at 1B Butler is there till Housner is ready so they don't need Robinson. Moustakas was drafted same year as Vitters our bad.

Anonymous said...

Technically, it's a win-win-win situation...