Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cubs News and Notes....

Sorry for the delay, lets get caught up-

- Carlos Marmol signed a really good team friendly deal this week. He signed a 3 year 20 million dollar deal that includes a partial NTC and is back loaded. Marmol will make 3.2 million in 2011, 7 million in 2012, and 9.8 in 2013. This buys out 2 arbitration years and his first year of free agency. A good move on both the Cubs and Marmol.

- The Cubs acquired Robert Coello from the Red Sox for minor league infielder Tony Thomas. Coello was DFA and the Cubs snatched him up. Coello has great numbers in AAA; a 3.86 ERA with 130 K's which lead the league. His 10+ K/9 and 3 BB/9 is pretty good. If anything he is good insurance in case a pitcher goes down with an injury.

- Keith Moreland is Pat Hughes new color commenter. Although he will never replace Ron Santo he is a good fit for Pat Hughes. Moreland signed a three year deal with the Cubs Radio Network, WGN.

- Carlos Silva thinks he should be giving a spot in the rotation but Q says he will have to battle for the final two spots. I don't know how you give Silva the spot over the youth competing for it.

- With the Cards insulting contract offer of around 19-21 million over 6 years and the window to sign the best player in baseball now closed; I, along with, thinks the Cubs have a legitimate shot at signing Pujols. In fact sources along with major media outlets are saying the Cubs may start the bidding at 8 year 240 million while others think a 10 year deal worth 275 million is in order for the Cubs. I think the Cubs should offer Pujols more money a year for less years. If I were the Cubs I do not go beyond 8 years and that is even pushing it. 5-7 years paying Pujols over 30 million a year seems logical for the best player in baseball at the age of "32."

- CC Sabathia may opt out of his deal with the Yankees after next season. If the Cubs fail to nab Pujols they could sign Fielder or Gonzalez along with Sabathia to bring good noise to Chicago.

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Anonymous said...

I would like the Cubs to explore a deal with the Angels involving the Cubs receiving Fernando Rodney and Howie Kendrick. The Cubs would deal Koyie Hill, Marlon Byrd, Jeff Baker, and Randy Wells. The Angels are horrible in centerfield and their catching and fifth starter positions are weak. If the Rodney piece does not work out they are only locked into this year, and this would also give the Cubs a good second baseman without giving up anything that they really need. The Cubs would play Reed Johnson in centerfield for a month until Brett Jackson comes up.

Anonymous said...

Went and watched the team workout 4 times this week. If Perez makes the team, we are in trouble. Was really disappointed in Vitters, he has some jump in his bat but looks light years from being a major leaguer. Carlos Pena looked like he was in great shape.

Anonymous said...

Your an absolute in the world are the angels horrible in center when they have torri hunter!!