Monday, March 30, 2009

Cubs send Bako and Stanton Packing

- The Cubs released catcher Paul Bako (who has had a good Spring hitting .364 with a .400 OBP) and Mike Stanton ( who struggled this Spring). This means that the Cubs will have Koyie Hill as their backup. They made the right decision on the closer and backup catcher.

- Bruce Miles says that the Cubs are getting "some trade feelers" for Chad Gaudin and Angel Guzman. The Cubs need to move one if not both so they can keep David Patton on the ML roster! I am hearing that the Padres, A's, Reds, Pirates, Royals, Tigers, Marlins, Rockies, and Giants all have some interest in Gaudin or Guzman.

- The Rays have just released Morgan Ensberg. I could see the Cubs inking him to a minor league deal for depth in AAA Iowa.

- Former first round pick of the Cubs, Mark Pawelek, has been released after failing to get past high A ball.

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waldo7239117 said...

Out of my trades for Fukudome, the one I like best is for vermon wells because his contract expires the same year as Kosuke ans is 1 year younger. If the Blue Jays are shedding payroll he will be on the trade block because the next 2 years after this one he is making 21 million a year. The Cubs could trade Kosuke and a prospect for Wells and they could accept. Wells is also a gold glove fielder.

Would you go after Wells and do what I said.