Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gaudin Out?? Mike Lamb In?

- It seems that Chad Gaudin is gaining interest around baseball. He is owed 2 million and they Cubs would gladly take a PTBNL for Gaudin if the club acquiring him would take on most of the 2 million owed. Teams like the Rockies, Tigers, Pirates, and Padres all have interest in the righty. Even though the Rockies have said to be "cooled" on him recently.

- The Cubs have interest in signing Mike Lamb to a minor league deal for added insurance if Aram goes down. The Cubs have Jake Fox and Bobby Scales as good backups but they could use a veteran presence in Iowa at 3rd base. I much rather them sign Morgan Ensberg or Dallas McPherson. I think Dallas could have a similar comeback much like Josh Hamilton had.

That is it for now!


Anonymous said...

Dallas had been cut by multiple teams and has never been worth a crap outside of AAA. TO comeback you have to have been there

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I would like to take a chance on Dallas too. He's been injured alot,
but maybe he's ready.