Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More on Peavy and a New Name on the Hot Stove? Guys for RF??

- We have heard back and forth, back and forth that the Cubs are in talks with Peavy and then no longer interested. Each day it is different news and it is starting to smell a lot like the "Roberts Saga" of last year. But still I have to let you know what is the latest on the Peavy Rumors so here we go-

***** Lou said that the Cubs do not need a starter and they have 6 starters already. He keeps saying they need a middle of the order lefty bat.

***** Sources say Lou's comment is just posturing because in realty he cannot talk about other players that are not either free agents or on his teams. It is considering tampering. Also if he came out and confirmed that the Cubs are in fact interested in Peavy it could disrupt the clubhouse because many of the players involved( or rumored) would be effected by his comments whether the trade went through or not.

***** The whole thing comes down to that Jim Hendry and Kevin Towers are the only people who truly know what is going on.

- In other news, the Cubs have a new name on the radar according to Jeff Passan, Rocco Baldelli. I am a big fan of Rocco's, he is another hard nosed player who has been through a lot of bad times in his playing career. He by no means is an everyday player because of his condition but would be very valuable as a 4th outfielder/5th outfielder on this team( especially if Pie is traded). Although it is purely speculation, I could see him here in a outfield sub role. Here is Rocco's stats.

- On a personal note, I think the Cubs should see what the asking price is for these outfielders-

Gary Matthews Jr.- Could swap Jason Marquis contract for his. They make the same amount next season, although Matthews has 23 million left on their after this coming season. He is a switch hitter who might benefit from switching leagues. He is a great fielder and would give Lou options in the outfield.

Ryan Church- A decent left handed hitter who plays the field well. Will hit for a .280 avg and about 15 homers. Might come cheap.

Brad Hawpe- The most ideal guy for RF at Wrigley!

Jack Cust- A big bat and I think he could play RF at Wrigley about as well as Ibanez or Bradley. Can straight up hit with power and decent OBP but low average.

Luke Scott- Not a sexy name but the guy can hit for good power numbers.

Aubrey Huff- Can play the corner spots in the infield and outfield. He put up monster numbers last season hitting .304 with 32 homers and 108 RBI. He is in the last year of his contract and the O's might be willing to sell high. He would be used primarily in RF for the Cubs. It should be noted that Jim tried to trade for Huff when he was with the Rays.

Nate McLouth- It was rumored before last season began the Pirates wanted Nate McLouth for Felix Pie straight up but the Cubs turned it down( if only we knew!) The Pirates are quietly shopping Nate to see what they could get for him. The Cubs tried to get him again at the deadline but the Bucs wanted a power arm and a deal was not reached. He would be great in RF for the Cubs both defensively and offensively!


jRod said...

I would trade just about anyone, with in reason of course, for this guy. You can see he is turning into a beast of a player. He could play CF or RF and could be used at leadoff or as a way to split the right handedness of the order.

Boozer said...

Reading Comprehension people.

Regarding Rocco Baldelli:
"Though Close wouldn’t name those teams, a handful – including both New York teams, the Chicago Cubs, Atlanta, Toronto and others – could use corner-outfield help, particularly in a platoon role"

Absolutely NOWHERE does it say he's on the radar. Its a writer speculating.

Anonymous said...

jRod... he is no longer a full time player. He doesnt have the health to do so anymore.