Sunday, November 23, 2008

Royals want a bounty for Teahen?? Bruce Levine has more info!

- According to Phil Rogers the Royals want Sean Marshall and Mike Fontenot for Mark Teahen. They are absolutely crazy to think the Cubs will give up either one for Mark Teahen. To be honest I would not trade Marshall nor Fontenot straight up for Teahen. Both players are valuable to the success of the club next year and could be used in a more lucrative trade. Now I would not be opposed to the Cubs trading Cedeno or Hill or Randy Wells for Teahen but nor Mike or Sean should be in any deal involving the Royals.

- The Cubs do have interest in Raul Ibanez and Bobby Abreu but are not willing to go long term with anyone of them.

- The Cubs remain very interested in Furcal but also do not like his asking price. Furcal's agent says he wants a guaranteed 4 year deal and one team has already offered a 3 year deal worth 39 million dollars. Kinzer also said Furcal "could sign before the winter meetings"

- The Kerry Wood door is not closed according to Bruce Miles . He says the Cubs could offer him arbitration with him accepting it to stay in Chicago.

- According to Gordon Wittenmyer the Cubs have not contracted the agents for Adam Dunn or Bobby Abreu. It has also been said that the Cubs love Adam Dunn's bat but cringe at the thought of Soriano in LF and Dunn in RF, I tend to agree.

----- Here is the latest from Bruce Levine-

****** Bruce says that the Cubs are in fact still in on the Peavy race. Stating that the Cubs have been the only real team in serious negotiations with Kevin Towers. Bruce went on to say that the talks for Peavy have been tabled for the next 10 days taking it up to the week before the Winter Meetings.

******The Cubs are looking at the December 1st deadline when all bids must be submitted to purchase the club and that will also give them time to see what else is left in the budget. At that point if a group, like the Ricketts, emerge as the true leaders to buy the club then they could be approached about what can be spent on next year's club....and beyond.

****** Bruce said talks surrounding Brian Roberts and Chone Figgins have not taken place but Roberts could heat up if the O's do not sign him to an extension soon.

****** Levine said that Ryan Theriot's range and defense at SS is questionable at best and says the Cubs would like to have him play 2nd base next season if the acquire a guy like Furcal.

****** It seems that Hoffpauier will take over the Ward position this year. Playing off the bench to spell Lee and to spot start in the corner spots once in a great while.

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