Thursday, November 27, 2008

Big Peavy News!!!!

Yahoo's Tim Brown has the latest on the "Peavy Saga"-

Padres general manager Kevin Towers said Wednesday night he might have identified a third team that would facilitate sending the standout pitcher to the Cubs, who don’t possess the depth in prospects or big league-ready talent to meet the Padres’ asking price.

Talks are suppose to resume after the Thanksgiving holiday according to Tim Brown but I would not be surprised to hear something today just to get the deal done.

Brown suggests that the main chip in the deal could be Josh Vitters and I would agree with that. For the 3rd team involved, he does not have that info because Towers would not name the 3rd team. I have three guesses; the Twins( they have like Greene for a while and the Pads could get rid of Greene and Peavy in the same deal), Royals( all this Teahen talk and how he would just be an "addition" and not the starter in RF makes me think that he would be flipped to the Padres), and the Angels( they are currently in limbo with the recent Texiera and Sabathia race and maybe not be able to afford both, if the Angels are involved as the third team then I have a feeling Dlee is involved, going to the Angels to free up Cubs payroll. Also to give the Angels a good 1st baseman so they can concentrate just on Sabathia and sign Lackey to an extension).

Either way this is big news for the Cubs considering they could be moving toward the best rotation in baseball!


Antonio said...

I cross my fingers for this to come true. With Peavy, the cubs rotation would be awesome!

And pitching always wins championships!

Anonymous said...

Peavey would be nice. We need that lefty hitting balance in the lineup just as much.