Saturday, November 29, 2008

O's Third Team in Peavy Trade??

Jeff Zrebiec and Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun say the third team in the Potential trade that nets the Cubs Jake Peavy is the Baltimore Orioles. They say a deal that could include Felix Pie going to Orioles for Garret Olson then flipping Olson with a package of players to the Padres to land the Cubs Ace Jake Peavy. While this could just be speculation, it does make a lot of sense. I also would not be surprised if Greene is in the deal either coming to Chicago or going to the O's(assuming Cedeno goes to one or the other). Maybe Marquis is also in a deal to the O's??

Here is my guess on the potential deal-

Cubs Get- Peavy and Greene

O's Get- Felix Pie, Cedeno, and Marquis

Padres Get- Garrett Olson, Josh Vitters, Sean Marshall, and Kevin Hart

We should find out by next week!


GDW said...

Jeff & Peter are usually pretty good at being on top of the O's, but I think, if this deal bears fruit, it will shake out differently.

We already know that the following teams have the interests shown:

O's like Pie and Greene

Pad's want Vitters, Marshall & MORE pitching, since they are losing so much in Peavy & Hoffman. They also like Olson. Since they are trying to move Greene with or w/o a SS in return, Cedeno has value to them also.

Of course the Cubs interest is Peavy and I'm hesitant to mention...Roberts.

Taking these interests into fullest consideration, I would expect the Cubs to TRY and get both Peavy and Roberts, but adding Roberts could hang up the deal longer than either Towers or Hendry are willing to wait. But if you hear in the next few days that Roberts has turned down the O's extension offer, then it could happen. I would expect the Cubs to try to hold out Pie, unless Roberts goes into the deal. Whether they can do that, is debatable.

Without Roberts in the deal, I would expect Peavy to the Cubs, Greene to the O's and Olson, Marshall, Vitters, Cedeno,and one of: Hart, Guzman, Gaudin or Wuertz to go the Padres.

The Cubs might have to sweeten the pot a little more with another young pitcher to the O's, especially if Pie is withheld as future bait for Roberts in a separate deal.

Both the O's and Pads could use Marquis, and of course the Cubs are certainly willing, but they might as well resign themselves to kicking in at least $1.875M and probably more to move him.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Since the Cubs signed Dempster I don't see them giving up Vitters for a pitcher. Unless Roberts or Markakis are part of the package. Both SD and Balt. need pitching which Cubs have extras. I also don't see Cubs getting Greene he has more range than Theriot but he bats right handed and can't hit. Vitters the Cubs no.1 prospect doesn't go anywhere unless its a big left handed bat. Just my opinion i've been wrong before. I do like Peavy though.

Anonymous said...

O's---pie, (maybe cedeno), and greene
Padres---olson, vitters, marquis, hart, and money (some of marquis salary)