Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cubs Hot Stove Heating Up

The Cubs hot stove talk is starting to heat back up after a break so lets check it out-

- Yahoo's Tim Brown says that the Cubs along with the O's and Cards maybe the "surprise team" that made an offer to Furcal. Reports were denied yesterday about the A's, Braves, and Mets making four year offers. I really hope the Cubs land him, they need a leadoff man and more range at short.

- The Cubs are willing to give up some defense to get a middle of the order type guy for RF. This is probably why they have interest in Ibanez, Abreu, and Bradley.

- The Cubs will not trade Marshall or Fontenot for Mark Teahen. They just see him as a addition and not an everyday player.

- Lou still denies the idea of the Cubs interest in Peavy. I think Lou maybe left in the dark here. Here are some quotes from Towers-

"I think there's a chance of maybe putting together a deal with Chicago,'' Towers said. "At least I know he's willing to go there.''

- The Cubs will not move Soriano out of the leadoff spot until a lead off guy is acquired. One more reason to sign Furcal.

- Sweet Lou has some nice words about Raul Ibanez. I much rather have Bradley, Dunn, or Abreu but Raul is starting to grow on me some.

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Anonymous said...

Tell the Royals to suck these whats? if they want Marsh or Font straight up... let alone together for Teahen.

I heard/read somewhere that with the bid deadline set at Dec. 1... once we find out who the high bidder is, Hendry will run potential deals by the future owner(s) to see if they will ok them. So hopefully this helps loosen the constraints on who we can go after this offseason.

I still wish Cuban had a fair shake from the MLB owners. We could have looked at quite a spending spree this off season...

But hopefully at the least the new owners will ok a way to get Wood back in the fold, add Furcal, pay for an upgrade in RF and possibly deal for Peavy. Maybe even get some lefty arms for the pen?