Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cubs ink Aaron Miles, DeRosa to the Indians?? UPDATES!

UPDATE-3:30pm- There is some speculation and talk around baseball that the 3 players acquired from the Indians maybe used to get Brian Roberts and not Jake Peavy. This is just talk and speculation but still something I wanted to let you guys in on. I find it curious that the Cubs would sign Miles if they planned on getting Roberts so that seems fishy, unless they include Cedeno, Theriot, or Fontenot in a deal for Roberts. That is the only way it makes somewhat sense to me.

UPDATE- 2:10pm- According to Bruce Miles and Bruce Levine, the Cubs ownership situation will have to resolved before a deal for Peavy is completed. It also should be noted that the Cubs have saved about 9 million dollars by making deals for Miles and Vizcaino, that 9 million will likely go to the first year of Milton Bradley's multi-year contract.

UPDATE!!!!!!! 12:30pm- Levine and Onley are saying it is a done deal for Mark DeRosa to the Tribe for three minor league pitchers; Jeff Stevens, Chris Archer and John Caub.

Here is stats on each-

Jeff Stevens
Chris Archer
John Caub

It is rumored that these 3 pitchers will be sent along with others( maybe Pie, Cedeno, and/or Guzman) to the Padres for Jake Peavy. It is just a rumor right now but so far Levine has been right on with everything he has said that past 24 hours. Will Peavy be a New Year surprise??? Only time will tell!

-According to Bruce Levine and Chicago Sun-Times the Cubs have signed Aaron Miles to a two year deal worth 4.9 million dollars. This will allow the Cubs now to trade Mark DeRosa and give a full time starting job to Mike Fontenot at 2b(which I think he will do great at).

Miles by the way is a switch hitter and did very well in a Cardinal uniform. He hit .317 with a .355 OBP with 4 homers and 31 RBI last season. It will definitely lessen the blow of losing DeRosa while Miles can play every position on the infield, he too has played some outfield.

- Bruce Levine has been working some overtime today saying that a deal is close that would send Mark DeRosa to the Indians for two or three young pitchers. Levine has scooped the Aaron Miles, the Marquis to Rox, Milton Bradley "done deal" signing, and that the Cubs are "back in the mix" for Peavy. He has really poured in the news and rumors over the last 24 hours. So far he has been right on all!


Nick I Cub Fan said...

I sure hope we keep Gaub. 64 IP
100 SO.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

On dec. 14 2008 under comments I thought going after MILES would be a good idea. Cubs now have MILES, they will get BRADLEY and BAKO. But i think Peavy will come in June or July. Roberts could be had for THERIOT,FONTENOT,WERTZ, and a minor league pitcher. ROBERTS WOULD PLAY 2ND MILES WOULD PLAY SS.
VITTERS and GAUB will not be traded. With Bradley, Roberts, and Miles we have 3 switch hitters.

waldo7239117 said...

GM Towers said a trade to Cubs is doubtful

the cubs now switch there attention to roberts

here is a trade
Orioles get cedeno to play second hart pie 2 pitchers from the derosa deal
cubs get Roberts

I think a trade could get done because roberts is in last year of contract and it doesnt look like he is going to get sign to an extension

do u think that trade could happen
what do u guys think