Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year Rumors.

Happy New Year To Everyone! Lets hope 2009 brings the Cubs a World Series!

- According to the Chicago Tribune, Paul Bako is expected to sign a contract with the Cubs for 500,000 dollars. He will be the 2nd catcher on the team.

- It appears the Cubs recent trades have no bearing on a potential Peavy deal. It was rumored that the deal was impending on a potential Jake Peavy trade. Towers also said a trade for Peavy to Chicago is "Doubtful." Honestly I think this is posturing, remember Towers said that the next time they talk about Peavy it will be under the radar and no one will know until it happens.

- Hendry talked on the radio yesterday so lets recap-

***** Trading Mark DeRosa was one of the most difficult decisions he has had to make as a GM.

***** The Cubs were too right handed and that is why he made the trade. ( more posturing, Jim would not have traded DeRosa and his production if he did not have another thing working)

***** Hendry is going to add a switch hitter or left-handed bat in the next 7-10 days.

***** Hendry want more speed along with a switch hitting or left-handed bat.

***** Hendry has had no talks with the O's all offseason and thinks MacPhail is content with keeping the player.

***** The Cubs will go to Mike Fontenot and Aaron Miles at 2nd when the season starts. I like Fonty starting at 2b, another left-handed bat with decent pop!

***** Hendry likes his pen and it seems like that part is set.

***** The ownership deal has gone on longer than expected and Hendry has a payroll number he can work with until the situation is resolved within the next month.

***** Hendry said if he can make one or two more significant additions he considers this a good offseason. If they are Peavy and Bradley, it is a great off season!


Nick I Cub Fan said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR I really enjoy this site and all the great info. I think Hill, Guzman and Pie are all out of options. So if they are not traded they would have to make the team or we lose them.


Not counting the last 2 that's 15 pitchers. Some will have to be traded. (3 or 4) And i think Stevens will make the team. (so it's 4 or 5) that have to be traded. Or am i missing something?

Anonymous said...

Do you think we will find out who is going to own the cubs next week because january 13-15 is owners meetings so wouldnt you think zell would want the new owner to get voted in then??? I would hope so...