Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cubs News and Notes.....

- Buster Olney said something on Sunday that got a lot of people stressing. He said that the Cubs "have maxed out their spending for the winter." With the talks about Abreu, Bradley, Dunn, Lowe, and Peavy throughout the winter how can Olney say something like that. This is his thoughts in my opinion. He does not site a source on this information and I think it is just so he can have people read his column. Honestly not a lot to worry about.

- I do think the Cubs would prefer to wait until the ownership situation is somewhat resolved before they make deals. They said that the new owner could complete a deal by ST but it is likely the Cubs will know the owner sometime in January, which them would give the Cubs the go ahead to spend money on a left hand hitting RF. I also think the Cubs are waiting for Tim Redding to sign so they can trade Marquis and about half his contract. The Rockies have been saying they can only absorb about 3 million( which will not work for the Cubs).

I suggest the Cubs call the Mets and purpose a Brian Schneider for Marquis trade. Brian is owed 5.4 million for this season(earned extra .5 million for being traded) and 4.9 for 2010. Marquis is owed 9.875 million for this season. The Cubs would get a good defending left-handed hitting catcher to back up Soto. The Mets get an inning eater to fill out the 5th spot in the rotation that will only cost them 4.475 million for one year( which is a steal). The Mets then could sign Hendry Blanco for less money than Schneider and have a veteran presence and better defensive backstop to mentor Castro. This trade makes sense for both teams.

- Rumors are very slow, I will try to update this site as much as possible during this slow period. If you hear any rumors or Cubs talk feel free to post!

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Anonymous said...

Its being reported by ESPN Steve Philips that a Jason Marquis to the Rockies for reliever Luis Vizcaino trade is very close to happening. Marquis is set to earn $9.875MM in '09, while Vizcaino will make $3.5MM plus a $4MM option for 2010 with a $500K buyout.