Saturday, December 27, 2008

Randy off the Market, Marquis headed to Coors, and Cubs to get bullpen help?

- Randy Johnson will not be a Cub next season but Andy Pettite could be. The Cubs want to add some kind of veteran lefty to the rotation but first have to trade Marquis and about half his contract. The Cubs have discussed Andy internally according to a source close to the Cubs.

- The Rockies have shifted their focus from Tim Redding to Jason Marquis according to Tracy Ringolsby of the Rocky Mountain News. Some names rumored in a deal for Marquis are Jason Hirsh or Franklin Morales. The Rockies do not want to get in a bidding battle with teams like the Mets and Orioles for Redding. The Mets are using Marquis as a backup plan if they can't sign Redding. An ideal situation is some team besides the Mets and Rockies sign Redding that way the Cubs can play both the Mets and Rockies against each other so they can get the best players and pay not as much for Marquis' contract.

- The Cubs are looking at Japanese pitchers Ken Kadokura and Shingeki Noguchi according to Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune. Both were let go by the Yomiuri Giants and maybe signed but more than likely invited to Spring Training. It is also said that the players could be used to make Fukudome feel more comfortable.

- Here is a good read why the Cubs should sign Adam Dunn. We agree on a lot except moving Soriano to RF and putting Dunn in LF.


Neckbones said...

Seems like the Cubs front office is standing pat for this year. Hard to understand when organizations like the Braves had 14 years of success with making an effort each offseason to add a couple key players. I'm pissed.

Anonymous said...

Neckbones... get a massage. Its not even Jan yet. There is still time. It usually takes the bigger fish to go off the market before things start to happen with the rest of the free agents.

Now if you are mad that we didnt pursue the big fish like CC and Tex... then I understand... but you have to chalk that one up to the unstable ownership situation.

Here is an interesting take on the Big Unit going off the market.

~ Joe

Anonymous said...

hey Neckbones,
Its a different time in the NL and the only thing similar to the Braves and the Cubs is their inept farm systems. there are 100 free agents out there right now and they Cubs office will move when they want, they have the money and the spend now, fuck our farm attitude they've had for too many years. kudos to the other NLcentral who have some players developed in the minors. let's win it this year with over-spending and then let teams pick at our high salaried players afterwards and we can wait another 100 years to develop a proper farm system.
Jimbo. Rockford, IL

el gigante said...

kudos? Jimbo? kudos to teams that woudl rather cash checks from the turnstyles at their ballparks than actually spend some of that money and the revenue sharing / luxury tax money they get from MLB on players that might get them a chance to win? come on Jimbo. those teams and their owners who deprive their fans of a real chance to win are fags. thats most of the teams in the central. how you like that, JIMBO!!