Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally Marquis Traded???

Thanks to a poster for this!

ESPN's Steve Phillips is reporting that the Rockies and Cubs are close to trading Jason Marquis for Luis Vizcanio. Vizcaino is owed 3.5 million for next season with a 4 million dollar option for 2010 and 500K buyout.

Vizcanio is a 34 year old righty with some issues off the field but is a decent RP. He did well in 2006 with the Dbacks but watched his ERA go up each year after that. He would be a nice guy to add to the pen especially if the Cubs decide to let Jeff Samarjiza start next season. It could also open the door for Sean Marshall or Angel Guzman to join the rotation.

I am wondering if the deal would involve the Cubs sending money to the Rockies or if it is just a straight trade with each team swapping contracts.

I will let you know when more details come out.


waldo7239117 said...

I think this will be a good trade because Steve Phillips says the cubs only have to pay 1 million of his contract instead of 4-5 million and instead of having Luis Vizcanio because of his problems with the law they can buy him out with 500k and even save more money and with the cubs trading Marquise away the cubs can move on to Adam Dunn or Milton Bradley

and that rumor about the Angels having interest in Derek Lee and asking the cubs about a trade ever come true


cubsfan82 said...

I have not heard anyting on the Angles pursuing Lee lately but their GM said that they are set with their outfield so Soriano would be out of the mix. Lee on the other hand could be in the mix but I have not heard anything recently!