Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bruce Levine Rumor Updates

Bruce has some more updates for todays so lets have a look-

- Milton Bradley is still expected to sign next week with the official announcement to take place at the Cubs Convention. Levine said it will be about 8-9 million a year for about 3 years. While Lee Hamilton said it is 3 year 24 million. Either one is reasonable.

- The Marquis deal is expected to be made official on Monday or Tuesday.

- Levine stuck to his reports last week that the Cubs new ownership will have to be in place for the Cubs to trade for Peavy and add his contract. He thinks the new owner could be in place in the next month. He also says he is hearing Josh Vitters, Jeff Stevens, Welington Castillo and Kevin Hart would go to San Diego in return for Jake Peavy. Also he says there is a 80% chance that this will happen and I agree.

- The Cubs are talking to Rich Aurilla right now and are interested in signing him to back up at 3b and 1st. The only way I support this is if Cedeno is traded because we already have Miles, Cedeno, Theriot, Fonty, and Hoffpauier as infielders, so they only way this works is if one is traded or Hoffpauier starts in AAA.

- Bruce is not sure whether Pie or Cedeno will be on the opening day roster or traded because both are out of options. He thinks trade talk for both will increase in the next 2 weeks.

- Here is a great link for Kaplan and DeRosa's interview.
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What a class act!

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waldo7239117 said...

I think it would be good that we get Milton Bradley as soon as possible

I will also be good to trade Marquise and save money

If we trade Marquise do we have to pay half his contract and what day is the cubs convention

I also think if we do get Peavy it will be in the next month because that is when the pitchers and catchers meet but honestly I think we should get a lead off man first

And did the cubs sign Bako because it is not listed anywhere


cubsfan82 said...

Milton Bradley is basically a done deal, same with Marquis being traded to the Rox.

We are only paying about 1 million of his salary because Vizcaino is making 3.5 million.

I agree with the leadoff man but unfortunatly there are none avaliable via FA or trade as of right now. If the Cubs did get one he would have to play either SS or 2b ( places that could be upgraded with speed). Brian Roberts could still be a fit but not for the asking price the O's want.

The Cubs Convention starts Jan 16th thru the 19th.

The Cubs officially have not signed Paul Bako but it expected next week or two.

Anonymous said...

Did he say when or do you know when we are going to hear who are going to be the new owner? because i do know there is all the owners meeting on january would think zell should pick someone so he/they can be voted in?

waldo7239117 said...

how do u get alot of people to look at your blogs

Deacon D said...

That's Great News

waldo7239117 said...

Bruce Levine is reporting the cubs have sign Milton Bradley to a 3 year 30 million