Friday, December 05, 2008

Cubs looking hard at a left handed bat and other notes.

- According to Jon Heyman the Cubs may cut payroll. But they will not do anything until ownership is settled. That makes no sense to me, sounds foolish.

- Ken Rosenthal says the Cubs want to acquire their left-handed hitting outfielder before they trade for Peavy. He says Brian Giles is a perfect match but has a no trade clause. He also names Ibanez, Hermida, DeJesus, Teahen, Randy Winn, Adam Dunn, Griffey,and Abreu but notes none of them are a perfect match. He says Bradley is a good fit if he can play 140 games and be able to play for Lou.

- The San Diego Union-Tribune mentioned said " the Cubs offered reserve shortstop Ronny Cedeno as part of a package for Padres ace Jake Peavy, and Towers said he will revisit talks with Chicago GM Jim Hendry next week at the winter meetings in Las Vegas."

- indicated that the Cubs may unload Soriano and his big contract at the winter meetings. The only teams I see that could be interested is the Yanks, Angels, Dodgers, and Mets as potential suitors and willing to pay most of his contract or exchange for a contract. I purpose these trades-

Yanks get Soriano
Cubs get Swisher and Matsui

Their contracts the first year would come close to canceling out with Matsui owed 13 million in 09 and Swisher owed 5 million. Soriano is owed 16 million next season. The difference is the Cubs after 09 would just be responsible for 15 million for Swisher and Soriano would be owed 72 million. Soriano would play LF for the Yanks and Swisher would play RF for the Cubs with Matsui in LF. One problem is that Soriano would have to waive his no trade clause.

Angels get Soriano
Cubs get Matthews Jr. and Figgins

Cubs would have to pay a lot of his contract to get the deal done. Figgins would leadoff for the Cubs and Matthews would take over in RF or LF and with the money the Cubs would save they could add a guy like Abreu or Bradley. The Angels would get a lot of fire power in the offense they have been looking for. It is a long shot to happen.

Dodger get Soriano
Cubs get Andre Either or Matt Kemp and Juan Pierre or Andruw Jones

The Cubs would get one left handed bat and one righty for the outfield. They would of course take on the bad contracts of Andruw Jones or Pierre to make this deal happen and be less of a blow to the Dodgers. Another long shot.

Mets get Soriano, Marquis. and Kevin Hart
Cubs get Carlos Beltran, Heilman, and Ryan Church

I think this blockbuster could get done. Their contracts would cancel out nicely for 2009. Beltran, Heilman, and Church would be owed 26 million for 2009 and Soriano, Hart, and Marquis would be owed 27 for 2009. The Cubs would get Church to play LF and platoon with Derosa from time to time and Beltran would take over at RF since it is the toughest place to play at Wrigley and he is a gold glover. Heilman could be used to land Peavy or even used in the pen as long reliever or spot starter.

The Mets get Soriano who will provide them with speed and power. They get rid of Beltran who the fans and media of NY has been getting tired of . They get a NY native in Marquis to fill out their rotation as an inning eater and a young guy who could be in their rotation or pen next season. This actually could work.

It is tough to says if Soriano could get traded but it still remains a possibility.

- According to, the Cubs are one of four teams with Hermida on their radar. I still really like the guy!


Anonymous said...

Although i seriousley doubt the cubs would trade soriano. that trade to the mets is a pretty good idea. as is the trade with the dodgers

Anonymous said...

Angels get Soriano
Cubs get Matthews Jr. and Figgins

this sounds good to me

dain said...

the dodgers would never make that trade marquis and soriono would not be good enough for only beltran, i don't think there is any way the cubs trade soriano, he is old and injury prone. it would be nice though

Anonymous said...

The tribune said the team payroll will be 140-145 million? Can you find out the salaries of the players for the 09 season? and see how much we can spell this offseason?

Cubbies412 said...

I think the one w/ the Mets is the only one I really like.

cubsfan82 said...

You can find the salary information at .

They do a really good job. From glancing at it, with arbitration raises and the Dempster signing the Cubs should be close to 130 million or so unless they dump a contract.

Anonymous said...

"The tribune said the team payroll will be 140-145 million? Can you find out the salaries of the players for the 09 season? and see how much we can spell this offseason?"

Well i can tell you that the contracts of the players on the cubs now is not 145 million. its probably closer to 133 million. so that probably means the cubs will add payroll