Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lots Of Rumors Today! Jake Peavy Rumors of Course!

- The Cubs made a minor signing today. They signed Chad Fox to a minor league deal. Fox is a great clubhouse guy and could make the team if healthy.

- Bruce Miles says that Milton Bradley would be a good match for the Cubs but the biggest issue is that if he can play RF on a regular basis.

- Some Peavy news from Yahoo's Tim Brown-

Despite reports to the contrary, the Cubs remain engaged in talks to acquire Jake Peavy from the Padres.

Indeed, a Padres source said the club had uncovered two teams which could provide the players to complete a trade. The Orioles are believed to be one.

Negotiations are expected to continue into next week’s winter meetings.

I think the other team is the Angels or Royals.

- Braves are officially out of the Peavy race. They have offered Burnett a 5 year contract and according Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News and's Jon Heyman the Braves are no longer interested in the Ace Jake Peavy. Great news for the Cubs!

- John Perrotto of Baseball Prospectus says that the O's want Ronny Cedeno and Felix Pie in a potential 3 way Peavy deal. Maybe the Cubs could get Greene from the Pads to take Cedeno's spot on the 25 man roster??

- Giants signed Bobby Howry to a contract. Thank god we will not see him in a Cubs uniform next season. I wish he signed with the Cards or Brewers, that would have been nice.

- Jayson Stark might be a little clueless but hey it is ESPN what do you expect. Here is what he had to say-

It's funny how none of the Jake Peavy-to-the-Cubs rumors these days seem to be originating on the north side of Chicago. In fact, one Cubs official told a source that they consider their talks with the Padres to be "not active" at the moment. The Cubs actually appear to be stuck in serious payroll limbo right now until the identity of their new owner is revealed. And that might be weeks away. So unless they can subtract salary (namely, Jason Marquis), they have no room to add a salary as hefty as Peavy's -- for now, at least.

- The Cubs have placed some calls in for Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu now that they have found out neither one has been offered arbitration according to some baseball execs. Both are the big left handed bat in the middle of the lineup the Cubs crave. Abreu is better defensively but older and Dunn has more pop in his bat. Although it has not been confirmed that the Cubs have put in offers for either.

- If the Cubs fail to acquire their big left handed bat they will turn their attention to a leadoff left handed bat. Guys like Orlando Hudson, Furcal, and Roberts names have came up.

- Here is some various news concerning Bobby Abreu-

***** According to a report from the New York Daily News, The Cubbies "have reached out to Bobby Abreu's agents" and "things could move rather quickly" with either the Cubs or the Mets.

***** Phil Rogers mentioned on Sports Central that Bobby Abreu is probably closer to becoming the Cubs' right fielder than Raul Ibanez. He brought up the fact the Yankees did not offer him arbitration and called Abreu a much better fit than Ibanez.

More to come!


Nick I Cub Fan said...

Alejandro Yankees and Red Sox do sign their good players. The Cubs should of offered arbitration to Wood. If he signs good if he doesn't 2 draft picks. The only reason they didn't in my opinion is the new Cub owners won't raise the payroll. Yankees and Red Sox will. I think this is the Cubs last chance to win. 2009 Harden and Derosa will be gone. 2010 Liily,Lee, and Ramirez will be gone. Cubs new owners will not resign the big guns.

Joe said...

Al G... there are plenty of examples of teams hanging on too long or having too much of an emotional attachment to a player... but I disagree if you put Wood in this category.

Wood is not on the decline, Wood is not holding the Cubs up for ransom. Are you going to confidently say that Marmol/Gregg can match Wood's stats as a closer? Dont get me wrong, I love Marmol and Gregg will be a good set up man. But they are exactly that, set up men. Marmol's stuff is nastier than Wood's, but he doesnt have the mental aspect down yet, if ever. We all saw the slump he had. Not to say a player cant have a slump, but it is largely agreed that for Marmol it was a mental thing. A couple dramatic blown saves and Marmol might be done confidence wise.

But most importantly, as I said in my last comment, at least get the draft picks by offering arb. Regardless of whether you want Wood back or not... getting the draft picks is just sound baseball judgment.

If the Cubs cut ties with Wood cause he sucked... then yes... I deserve to be reamed out for my reaction.

Hopefully we can find out the new Cub owner soon so we can spend some money. If we cant afford Wood I see the Cubs having to choose between splashing on a true lead off hitter or the lefty power bat, but not both.