Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More Peavy Talk and Cubs Offer No One Arbitration.

-UPDATE- The Braves are close to acquiring right hander Javier Vazquez and Boone Logan for Brent Lillibridge, a young starter( maybe Jo-Jo Reyes), and Tyler Flowers. This means the Braves have indeed moved on from Peavy because Brent, Flowers, and Reyes were rumored to be apart of a potential Peavy trade. Good news for the Cubs!

-Towers has the latest on the Peavy talks when he sat down with Tom Krasovic of the Union-Tribune. Towers says a deal to Atlanta looks doubtful because of the Braves' no-clause policy. He also wonders whether Peavy would even OK a trade to the Braves considering how much he prefers the Cubs.

Krasovic said that the Cubs and Padres have talked about a 5 for 1 deal where the O's would net the Padres more pitching. My guess he is talking something like this-

Cubs get Peavy
O's get Pie and Greene
Padres get Olson, Marshall, Cedeno, Vitters, and Hart

Seems pretty fair to me considering you get an Ace for 2 guys without options( Cedeno and Pie), a decent #3 or #4 starter in Marshall, possible bullpen/long relief/5th starter in Hart, and then the main prize Vitters who could be an All-Star in the ML in less that 3 years.

Towers also notes the Cubs' payroll concerns could make it tough for a deal to get done. One way is to trade Marquis but that might be a tough sell at 10 million. Jim could resolve this situation by approaching the group that won the bid to buy the Cubs and see if he can get more money. We have still yet to find that out but it should be known soon!

- The Cubs declined to offer anyone arbitration including Wood or Howry. I think if offered both players would have accepted so it is a good move by the Cubs with their payroll in flux.

- Players like Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu look a lot better to potential teams looking for a middle of the lineup lefty type hitter. They were not offered arbitration and would not cost their new teams draft picks unlike Raul Ibanez and Milton Bradley who will cost their new team draft picks.


Nick I Cub Fan said...

I don't see Vitters going to SD Chase Headley a switch hitting third baseman and SD top prospect. It sure looks like Peavy wants to play for the cubs.

Joe said...

This may be the last straw... I dont know if I want to be a Cub fan anymore the way Wood was not even offered arbitration. Forget my emotional ties to him... if telling Wood to go get his pay day was sound baseball judgment... so is offering arbitration for possible draft pick compensation. If Wood accept arb its still win win... we got our closer back for one more year for a Gagne like deal. Yeah I'm aware of Wood's above avg odds of getting hurt... but its still bull crap.

Alejandro G. said...

Joe, settle down about Wood. You are thinking the way the "old" cubs organization thought. Do you think the Yankees or Red Sox got to be every-year contenders by making sentimental deals with their players. HELL NO! Grow up!