Monday, December 01, 2008

More on the Peavy Front and did Dlee Block a Trade??? Other Rumors

UPDATE- I recieved an email from Tim Dierkes of MLBTR about the possibility of Lee blocking a trade to a club and he says "Seems to be false" and we know if he has not heard the rumor then we can assume that it is untrue in my opinion.

-Here is a quote in Murray Chass column today from Kevin Towers-

I would say the Cubs are still in it. Lou said they’re not in it, but their general manager says they’re in it. The Dodgers have bigger fish to fry. That’s not to say they might not circle back later in the winter. Our primary goal is to trade Peavy."

- Here is an interesting tidbit that was emailed to me and found on ,, and Cubs message boards-

From Jason Churchill-

"I was told this morning by Lee's agent Casey Close that Derrek has blocked a trade already. Not sure how far along the trade actually was, but sometime in the last 10 days, they went to Close and asked him about an AL team and the answer was no."

Now I would not put too much stock into this considering it is a word of mouth kind of rumor but still this could be huge. If this in fact is true, it would mean the Cubs are trying to cut payroll to land Peavy or even acquire a guy like Roberts or big left handed bat. I think the rumor team he rejected was probably the O's but who know is if this is even true or made up.

- Monday is the last day for potential buyers to submit bids to purchase the Cubs. Jim is currently waiting on word who will be the next owner so he can determine what he can spend on next years team and most notably to make a deal for Jake Peavy.

- Jeff Zrebiec and Lee Hamilton talked on XM radio Sunday said that a three way deal including the O's, Padres, and Cubs is very possible but still a ways away. He said the deal would looks something like this-

Cubs get Peavy
Padres get Olson, Mitch Atkins, Sean Marshall, Ronny Cedeno, and maybe another player
O's get Pie and maybe Greene or maybe another player besides him from the Cubs

-Hamilton did say if the deal did fall through for Jake Peavy, the O's would get Olson back and the Cubs would get Pie back.

- Zrebiec also noted that a lot of this depends on the impending sale of the Cubs.

- The Tribune is also reporting that a deal is not close to being completed and that it will probably take place at the Winter Meetings starting next Monday. They also mention Roberts involvement(UH-OH).Link

- According to Baseball Prospectus the Cubs have more interest in David DeJesus than Mark Teahen. They also said it will take more than Marquis.( How bout Marquis and Hart??)

-The Ricketts family is to be rumored as the top bid for the Cubs according to sources. They were my 2nd pick to own the Cubs.

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