Monday, December 10, 2007

Whats new on the Fukudome Front??

Thanks to MLBTR-

-The Padres have a three-year offer out to Kosuke Fukudome that may make him the highest paid Padre ever, aside from Jake Peavy. Kevin Towers expects to get an answer today from Fukudome's agent, Joe Urbon. Urbon basically said that geography would only come into play if offers from competing teams were similar. Towers admitted he sees the Cubs as the lead horse in this race.

-This is getting annoying...Fukudome will decide whether to come to MLB tonight. We all expect him to come, so it's been a lot of back and forth for nothing.

I think we will hear something by the latest Thursday. Its nice to hear that Towers thinks that were in the lead. I think there will be a big difference in offers. The Cubs have rumored to offer 3 years 45-48 million and the Pads have rumored to offer 3 year 36 million. The difference is about 3 million a year. I expect the Cubs to up the offer if that's what it takes to land Fukudome.

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